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Please read this carefully and contact us if you need to know anything else!

1. What does IH Murcia have to do with UCAM?

Instituto Hispánico de Murcia is an independent, privately run and recognised Spanish language school for foreign students established in the year 2000.

We offer students´ flats & host family accommodation to our own students and both UCAM (Universidad Católica de Murcia) and UMU (Universidad de Murcia) have recommended our service for some years now.

2. What does IH Murcia offer to FOM students?

We can provide many useful things:

  • A special intensive Spanish language course for your specific needs to survive in Murcia!
  • A student discount card to save up to 50 € per month.
  • A welcome activity pack to get to know Murcia and other international & local students. TBA
  • Well located and good value for money accommodation.
  • One to one customer service: to help and assist. Try out our chat service in the right bottom corner!
  • Check these videos out! 

3. Why should I get one of your apartments?

For many reasons, in fact:

  • Standard flat owners only allow rents from February to July. Our flats can be rented from mid February to May. What to save some money?
  • No commissions charged. Again, save a lot of money avoiding real estate agencies.
  • Avoid uncomfortable surprises when booking yourself via Internet. Watch out, it happened to other FOM students! 
  • More than 170 happy FOM students accommodated in previous years!
  • Experience and know-how since 2000. We know what we do, and we do it well!
  • Recommended by many national & international companies (see here).
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Flats located in the city centre & safe neighbourhoods.
  • One to one customer service: to help and assist. Try out our FREE chat service in the right bottom corner!

4. Why should I choose my apartment NOW and not when I arrive?

  • FOM is not the only University sending students to Murcia in February. Another +600 incoming international students have been booking their apartments from last October.
  • For obvious reasons, those students renting a flat in advance will be able to choose out of the best ones available, so the longer you wait to choose yours, the fewer nice flats will be available. That simple! Those flats available in February are leftovers, the ones that all students rejected. In other words too old, too expensive or located in dangerous areas.
  • And also, who wants to waste money in expensive hotels when you can have your apartment ready on arrival?

For all the above reasons we highly recommend to have your bedroom booked before the end of December. You will sleep better :)

5. What kind of apartments do you provide?

We offer 3 different kind of apartments:

  • Shared apartments. Single room in an apartment where other international and/or Spanish students live. You will share kitchen, living room and, in most cases, bathroom.
  • Empty apartments. You can book a full apartment for you and your friends only.
  • Empty apartments for only 1 person. This is the less economic option (price around twice a single room in a shared apartment), but the most comfortable one. Bills are also higher choosing this option (80 € a month average). Please take into account that sharing an apartment with other students will improve your experience abroad.

6. Can, for example, 2 people book a 3 room apartment just for themselves?

No problem with that, while paying full cost for the extra empty room.

7. How do I book a room?

First you need to contact us to check availability. Once you had chosen your flat you will have to follow these simple steps to confirm your booking:

  • First of all you have to fill in the online accommodation request form clicking hereRemember to let us know any special needs when booking your apartment. We will do our best to help you.
  • Once the form is received, we will send you your documents with your accommodation´s general conditions (in Spanish, German and English), that you will have to print, sign and email back to us. This is not your contract but our general conditions for booking a room. You will sign your contract with your landlord on arrival.
  • And finally, please make your bank transfer to confirm and complete your reservation. Remember the flat will be available until we receive your bank confirmation. That money will be paid back to you at departure, as agreed in our general conditions, as long as you there is no breach of contract or general conditions.
  • Here are our bank details:

Bank: SabadellCAM
Address: Av. Juan Carlos I, 24, Alhama (Murcia) 30840 - Spain
Name: Instituto Hispánico de Murcia S.L.
IBAN: ES63 0081 1162 3700 0112 1814

Once the bank transfer is made please send us an email attaching your bank receipt confirmation.

Remember that the room will not be booked - and therefore available to other students - until we receive your personal data, bank transfer slip and signed general conditions.

8. Could I pay my deposit and my 3 month rent all together?

You can pay just your deposit at first when you make your reservation and then, after your arrival, your rent every month, or everything in one go. Just let us know!

9. How, to whom and when can I pay my monthly rent?

  • You have to come to Instituto Hispánico de Murcia before the last day of the current month and pay in advance your rent in cash. You will be provided a written acknowledgment that your rent has been paid.

10. When and how do I get my apartment keys?

  • You should confirm your estimated time of arrival. In the event of any changes, you need to let us know asap.
  • We will then inform your landlord and set an appointment.
  • As you arrive in Murcia, come and see us to do your check-in, pay your first month rent and give you all the extra information you might need - plus a city street map.
  • Then you will be addressed to your flat to meet your landlord when s/he will welcome you and provide all your flat details.
  • Please let us know if you arrive Murcia after office hours, i.e 21,00 h, in order to set an appointment with your landlord. Do not forget to come to our office the following day first thing in the morning to do your check-in.
  • If you arrive out of office hours or weekends, please contact your house owner a week in advance so to arrange a meeting time & date home. You should then come around to our office the first following working day to do your check-in.

11. May I move in earlier or move out later than agreed when I booked my flat?

Should you need extra days in order to move in or out, you need to let us know in advance so that we can help you. Extra nights will be at extra cost.

12. Are bed sheets, blankets, and towels included?

For hygienic reasons and for the sake of convenience, bed sheets, blankets, and towels are considered as personal use items so you should bring them with you. Of course, all apartments are equipped with beds and basic furniture (see 14 below). In any case you will be able to buy everything you need once you arrive.

Regular bed sizes according to Spanish standards: single bed 90 cm x 190 cm / double bed 135 cm 190 cm

13. Are pets allowed?

You should let us know beforehand to inform your landlord and your flatmates to check any possible allergies or inconveniences.

14. Will there be a phone landline?

Our shared flats are rarely provided with a landline. If so, expenses will be at your own cost. There are many mobile phone companies with different options available.

15. What appliances are provided in my apartment?

Each flat is furnished and equipped with a washing machine, refrigerator and cookware.

  • You can find the following appliances in many of our flats, but not in all: microwave, dishwasher, dryer, iron, TV, tv digital channels, video, DVD, computer, hair dryer, air conditioning & heating. Nevertheless, there is no compulsory requirement for them to be provided. If you would like to know what appliances are available in your flat, just ask us.
  • Internet available and working in all shared flats. Cost will be included in your monthly bill and may vary according to services contracted and the number of your flatmates.
  • Internet available on request in empty flats (around 45 € a month).

16. What about if I break something?

If you break something due to incorrect and improper use, you will need to pay for the repair. If it was not your fault, your landlord will take care of it, but, in all cases, you should tell your landlord right away.

When light bulbs burn out, you will need to replace them at your own cost.

17. Are bills (electricity, water, gas, building charges or Internet) included in my monthly rent?

Bills are not included in your rent although some landlords include the above mentioned costs. In this case, this piece of info will be added into the flat description and contract.

Regarding Internet, please let us know for advice.

18. How much do I need to pay to cover my monthly bills?

Cost for electricity, water and gas depend on your personal use habits. It could be around 50 €/month per person, but it will very much depend on consumption.

Once the landlord had received the invoice, s/he will send you a copy so that you can check how much you consumed.

You should pay your bills directly to the landlord in cash. He will let you know when he will get a new invoice that should be paid.

The total bill amount due will be divided into the number of people living in the apartment, so you will only pay for your own share.

We strongly advise to make a wise use of electricity, gas, and water to avoid extra uncomfortable expenses.

19. In my flat we use gas. What number should I call to buy a tank and how much does it cost?

Call 902 103 100 and it will be delivered to your flat. Each bottle/tank costs around 12 € and it lasts about two months in a 3 people flat. We recommend to always have a spare bottle for your own benefit.

20. What happens if I cancel my reservation before I arrive?

Due to past experiences and to avoid last minute cancellations, once you have booked and paid the requested amount for your room there will not be reimbursement under any circumstances.

21. Could I cancel my accommodation once my tenancy started?

If you decide to move out before the end of the agreed rental period (shall be subject to the terms and conditions agreed once you signed your contract or by means of a confirmation email), you will be breaching your contract and will not be entitled to receive any reimbursement.

22. Who will return my deposit once my tenancy ended and when can I get it back?

  • Remember you need to give at least a week’s notice both us and your landlord to finish your tenancy.
  • Then you must provide us a signed document from your landlord, authorizing us to pay your deposit back. We will be able to provide a sample letter.
  • After that, and if no breach of contract, we will transfer your money 15 working days after your departure date to the bank account you previously provided. This is a free of charge service. And remember, deposits are not transferable to other people.

23. When can I go to IH Murcia to talk about my flat management?

Our accommodation office hours are weekdays from 17.30 h to 21.00 h, but remember all issues regarding bills, broken items, ... should be always discussed with your landlord. 

IMPORTANT: Please contact us to make an appointment by email or phone to provide you a better service. Check it out here.

24. What should I do if I want to rent the same flat again in the future?

You found your flat thanks to our work and service provided, so any new future rent should be made by contacting us. You should also tell us about any personal arrangements you may make as far as your flat rent is concerned.

25. How can I loose my deposit?

You will loose your deposit if you:

  • have not paid for the rent every month.
  • have caused direct damages to your flat.
  • have not paid your bills.
  • have not cleaned your room when finishing your contract.
  • in all cases, if breach of contract.

And please remember, your deposit is not transferable to any other person.

26. Will IH Murcia provide any useful information about how to survive in Murcia?

Of course! Have a look at our useful INFO PACK clicking here.

About the weather: It is expected to be from cold winter in February (min. 7º C, max. 12º C average) to mild spring in May (min. 15º C, max. 28º C average). And don´t forget your bathing suit. Remember that the beach is very close!

27. Do you provide any airport transfer to/from Murcia city?

Indeed! It is a much cheaper, safer and reliable service than a public taxi. And we will be waiting for you on your arrival!

  • Our fees from Alicante airport (ALC) are:
    For 1 person 75 €. Night (from 22,00 h to 07,00 h) & weekend fare: 85 €
    For 2 people 84 € (42 € per person). Night (from 22,00 h to 07,00 h) & weekend fare: 100 €
    Please ask other for services
    Also note that these prices are based on one piece of luggage + one hand luggage per person and arrivals/departures from Alicante airport.
  • Our fees for Murcia airport (MJV) are:
    For 1 people: 50 €. Night (from 22,00 h to 07,00 h) & weekend fare: 60 €
    For 2 people: 60 € (30 € per person). Night (from 22,00 h to 07,00 h) & weekend fare: 70 €
    Plese ask for other services
    Also note that these prices are based on one piece of luggage + one hand luggage per person and arrivals/departures from Murcia airport.

Let us know your full flight details in order to book this service and fell free to contact us for a bigger group transfer fee quotation or departures from different airports.

Arrival manager will wait a maximum of 60 minutes after expected arrival time for the student.

If student does not show up / does not contact the arrival manager the airport-pickup service will expire and student will still have to pay for the service.

If student contacts arrival manager with a change of arrival time while arrival manager is already at the airport a 10 € supplement will be charged for every 30 minutes additional waiting time.

28. And... what do I do when I arrive in Murcia?

  • The flat owner will be in your flat to welcome you home and give you the apartment keys. Please note that your landlord will be waiting for you and will schedule his agenda for this. Hence you should provide an accurate arrival time (+- 15 min.) and date in Murcia city to set an appointment with him/her. In case you need a transfer service from the airport please check FAQ 27.
  • If your arrival is before 9pm on a weekday you should come the very same day of your arrival to our office to do your check in and pay your rent. Remember landlords cannot accept any money directly from you.
  • If you arrive after 9pm, you must come to our office the following morning first thing.
  • If you arrive on a weekend, you must come to our office the following Monday first thing.
  • Remember that our accommodation office hours are Monday to Friday from 17.30h to 21.00h, but you can check-in at all times from 09,00 h.

28. To what extend is Instituto Hispánico de Murcia responsible for students and/or landlords’ actions?

Instituto Hispánico de Murcia will only act as means of contact between the tenant and the landlord. They should avail themselves to the terms and conditions agreed upon the rental contract that they shall sign.

Under no circumstances will Instituto Hispánico de Murcia be responsible for the actions taken by any party.

end faq


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