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Looking for some information before coming to Murcia? We offer you a wide range of frequently asked questions and answers from previous auxiliares at random order. Please remember that all answers have been taken from auxiliares comments in social networks. IH Murcia takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any comments posted below. For further info please check our general INFO PACK or contact us.


ACCOMMODATION 1. Finally heading out to Murcia! I didn't prepare at all... So, what's the first thing I should do?

Yes, try to find a place as quickly as possible. You really should have booked a place to live in advance as it's hard to get organized without a homebase. Then go to the consejería to begin your NIE paperwork welcome to Spain.

1. Apartment
2. Phone
3. Nie/tie
4. Bank account
5. Go to the program's office and do health insurance and payment paperwork.

ACCOMMODATION 2. I just got here today and am looking for a flat.

I just got here as well. If you go to Instituto Hispanico de Murcia they have a lot of options. The office is right in the city centre next to La Merced.

DOCUMENTS 1. Does anyone know how/where to register with the city? What do we need to bring? Passport, NIE, lease, photos, carta...? Is this how we find out about our health insurance, too?

  • Well, so far I obtained some documents from La Consejera de Educacion during our conference and filled them out. After doing so, I had to pay a 15.30 Euro "tax" (I guess that's what's it's called) and then take all the documents to La Consejeria de Extranjeros. There you have some other forms completed and make an appointment to get fingerprinted.
  • It's called estadistica. And I meant Monday morning (my schedule rotates arbitrarily, so it'll be sometime Monday for sure, but I think morning).
  • I asked a security guard at a different government office where I went by mistake. He gave me directions and then I went twice trying to get registered and got turned down twice because I didn't have the right documents. Now I have them and I'm going on Monday. 
  • Your passport, your NIE if you have it, your contract (lease, whatever. Make sure this has your signature and your landlord's as well as the dates you're occupying it and the address written on it). I also bring photocopies of everything but last time I went they told me I didn't need them, but it can't hurt to have them.
  • I didn't need my carta but it can't hurt to bring it in case estadistica is feeling like asking for unecessary documents (which they are rumored to do).
  • You should have already filled out some paperwork to be enrolled in Spain's social security program. You'll get a SSID number by the end of the month and you'll take that as well as your proof of empadreonamiento with you to the nearest health center to where you live to get your tarjeta sanitaria (health insurance card).
  • When I tried this again they told me I need MORE documents. I've given up because every time I go they tell me to bring more documents. I'm just going to wait until I try to get my health card and if I can do it without getting empadreonado then victory. If I can't it sounds like tears and a tantrum are necessary. They told me I needed my landlord to sign my application to empadreonarme and I needed a photocopy of both sides of his ID.

FOREIGN OFFICE 1. Where is the extranjeria? I have no clue. What are the initial steps to getting the NIE? What is the best bank for non-Europeans?

  • Visit the consejeria on Gran Via. It is above the small El Corte Ingles across from the big El Corte Ingles. Tell them you are an auxiliar. They will give you the paperwork you need to fill out and where you need to turn them in.
  • And you can take the 22A at Plaza Circular in front of the Mercadona to the extranjeria. Let the bus driver know you are going to the extranjeria and the bus fare is discounted (less than 2 Euros).
  • There are many banks in town with many different choices. Have a look around!
  • Also good to know if your NIE is already on your passport, check the page with your visa and see if you find a number with NIE before it. first step is for sure to visit the consejeria on Gran Via and they should get you sorted and may even have a little helpful paper with directions to extranjeria, and don't stress! everywhere closes a little early but if you have just gotten in you can take the weekend to get settled and oriented and have an errand day on Monday.

FOREIGN OFFICE 2. Does anyone know what time the extranjeros office is open until? (the one in Corte Ingles)

  • That's not the extranjeria, it's the consejeria de educacion. I think it shuts at 2.
  • The extranjeria is where you go to actually get the NIE, right? 
  • Yep.

FOREIGN OFFICE 3. Any info on what we need to get our NIE and corresponding TIE for our region? Want to make sure I'll have as many things together as possible for when I leave next month.

FOREIGN OFFICE 4. Who we do send our bank information and documents that show we've applied for the T.I.E. to?

  • Consejera de Educacion, Culturales y Universidades
  • It is on Gran Via on top of the small El Corte Inglés across from the big El Corte Ingles. After you take the elevator go to the 3a escalera and go to the 4th floor
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FOREIGN OFFICE 5. Folks who've gone to the extranjería: do they actually check for your empadronamiento? Do I need to bring them my contract?

  • We weren't asked for it.
  • Yeah I didn't need it either.
  • Nope. I was told I filled out the wrong form (I wound up needing EX-00 instead of EX-15).
  • You do not need your empadronamiento to secure your NIE/ TIE appointment.
  • Is it bad I don't know what an empadronado is?
  • It's basically a certification that says you are indeed allowed to be here. It is just another validation.
  • I WAS asked for it (last year). I also needed the empadronamiento my first year in Spain, in another city. But I have heard a lot of people say they were not asked for it. Seemed to be a hit or miss thing.
  • Empadronamiento is for everyone, including Spanish people. I think the best way to compare it to the US (if you're from there) is voter registration. Except it's obligatory, regardless if you vote or not. It is kind of the way they keep track of where people are and what kinds of social services they're registered for. It's complicated and I even am not quite sure of the exact definition of it, but that is a basic description!
  • Ok, well I got my nie no problem last week without it so hopefully it won't affect me later!
  • I don't have a contract yet so I just mailed myself an envelope to use as proof of address. Filled out the rest of the forms and showed up. The dude at the front told me my proof of address wouldn't be sufficient but he let me in anyway in case they were feeling lax that day. I grab by ticket and wait in line for about 20 minutes before my number is called. Give all my documents to the lady and she says that I need a utility bill or a contract. I tell her I have neither and that all I've got is the letter I sent myself. She tells me she can't empadreonarme with it. I ask if my roommates expired contract from last year would suffice (the landlord isn't giving us a new one until the 5th and I wanted to get this done before I start working). She says that I should bring the expired one along with a copy of my roommate's dni and his signature saying that I live there. I run back home, get my roommate to assemble all the docs I need, and speed walk back to estadistica. I get my ticket and wait like 30 minutes this time. I'm told that the expired contract is no good because it's expired (which I had already asked about the last time) and that I need a current one. She tells me to call the landlord and have him give me an updated one. Which is a joke because their office was closing in like 30 minutes. I gave up and left, hoping it wouldn't be necessary for my nie. Sounds like it's easier to just go back to the extranjeria and hope for someone who doesn't care about empadreonamiento than it is to actually get empadronado.
  • I've been here three years and haven't been asked for it yet, though i know several who have. there's also this thing they sometimes do where they tell you you'll need your empadronamiento to pick up the TIE or what have you, then no one ever asks for it again. i think it's just a lot of luck of the draw (like not getting that lady at estadistica).
  • For what its worth, I've known several people in the past who've had problems getting their health cards without having the empadronamiento. not sure if they've changed the process this year, but it might be something worth looking into.
  • I needed one for the tarjeta sanitaria. It was worth the hassle.
  • Would you guys be willing to share the exact address of this office. You have convinced me to get the empadronamiento.
  • Just type "estadistica Murcia" into Google maps. The building is in the middle of a park.
  • Also I went to the extranjeria today and got my nie. No empadreonamiento required.
  • I didnt need the padrón either to get the NIE. But to get the padrón you will need a contract for where you are living.

FOREIGN OFFICE 6. Can someone please tell me how to make an appointment online for the oficina de extranjeria? I don't really have the time to go there just to make an appointment.

FOREIGN OFFICE 7. Does anybody know if two auxiliares can go in for the same cita / appointment at the Extranjería office in Murcia?

No. Not unless the person at the front desk is feeling especially "out of rules" that day.

BANKS: Does anyone know exactly what you need to open a bank account?

  • Passport and NIE (number). You should also know your address/movil and all of that information.
  • At BBVA I opened one with my passport and carta de nombramiento, they asked me to return once I had my NIE
  • So I don't need a contract from my school to show my employment?
  • Carta de nombramiento = contract

CARTA DE NOMBRAMIENTO: How long did it take for you to get your carta de nombramiento? Also, did you get it by email or a hard copy?

  • About two weeks via mail. It could take longer because a lot of spaniards are on vacation. Good luck!
  • I got both email version and hard copy... that could be because I asked for the pdf copy, though.
  • I just got my placement yesterday for Murcia... Knowing that everyone's on vacation in August I'm wondering when I'll get my carta as well. Because it'll also be an additional month to wait for the visa to be approved, correct? For me to then have the finalized date to book a flight and leave, etc. Thoughts?!? I'm freaking out, bc I never thought I'd hear this late, and never knew anything about Murcia... Thoughts?!? Advice?!?
  • I would say that you're probably not going to here anything until September. I would go ahead an start getting all the other paper work together and try to get a visa appointment for the middle of September. You're probably going to arrive later than the official start date (October 1st), but just tell your school and it should be totally fine!
  • Get everything done on your VISA now while you wait for your carta to come in the mail. This way the minute you get it you can book an appointment ASAP and get you papers in for your VISA.
  • Luckily my consulate is in DC so I don't need an appointment and I got all my background check, apostile seal, health certificate stuff done back in June. So I'm set in that regard. 
  • If your carta comes in two weeks you might cut it close but there is still a possibility of getting there on time.
  • I'm mind of worried too about getting their late, but I figure if they are willing to place us late arriving late shouldn't be a huge deal. Trying to just roll with it.

VISAS 1: Does anyone know/have the list of documents/papers we have to have to get the visa? I'm in the States now but i can't find the list.

VISAS 2. Does anyone know about how much the whole visa process (including the documents needed to apply) cost?

  • I think it was close $200 not including travel to the Spanish office.
  • I can tell you. I saved all my receipts. BUT the process can vary in cost for everyone depending on the consulate they applied through, as well as the method you chose to do your background check. The price varies by state on that as well.

HEALTH INSURANCE 1. I'm curious about the healthcare we get as auxiliares. Do we get a health insurance card when we get there? Do we just show this to doctors offices when we go?

  • After you have your social security number you go to your local health center and they set you up with a health card... but you don't actually receive the physical card until May or so because, well, it's Spain.
  • If you are American, they buy you a private insurance plan. I was in a different communidad last year, but yeah, they gave us a card and a booklet with all the doctors/medical centers covered under the plan.

HEALTH INSURANCE 2. Has anyone succesfully got their medical card? My school seems to know nothing about it and the person they sent me to hasn't got back to me.

  • I had to go to the health center closest to my apartment. After a few minutes I had my number in hand, but I guess the card is gonna be mailed to me. We'll see how long it takes lol.
  • I went to my health center and they asked for my social security number, my TIE, and my empadronamiento. It might be different depending on your Centro de Salud.

AIRPORT. Does anyone know exactly how to get from the Murcia San Javier airport to Murcia city? It seems like the only way is to take a taxi or bus to Santiago de la Ribera.

  • Looks like line 70. She can take it to the end and be at the bus station. Here is the list of stops for the line.
  • You can take the taxi all the way into Murcia. I think it is about 75 euros.
  • Take a taxi to la ribera stop in santiago for like 6 bux then get the 70 to murcia bus station.
  • Instituto Hispánico offers a reliable and cheaper option for 60 €. And they take you straight home from the airport. No need to pass by the bus station and waste time on the way.

MISCELLANEOUS. Has anyone been to the public library or university library here? Do we even have access to the university library?

Public library is wonderful! All you need to do to get a card is sign up and bring your passport as ID.

Is anyone taking Spanish lessons?

  • I've found some cheap Spanish lessons for 5 euros an hour at every levels at Instituto Hispanico de Murcia. 
  • I don´t really need them, but remember not many people speak English in the city. I´d suggest a refreshers course somewhere!

So, my good friend is from Murcia (the city) and I was thinking about choosing Murcia region as my first choice next year. I was wondering if I could get some perspective on the placements here. Also, are there placements actually in the Murcia city? If I choose a big city, will there be a good chance I'm placed at least near Murcia? Hope you are all enjoying Murcia! Just read an article that said murcianos are the friendliest people in Spain!

  • I'm fortunate and have my two schools within a 20 km distance and take the bus or get a ride. Some are placed in the city center. Some are farther out in pueblos or Cartagena or farther. I like Murcia. It's a cute city. People are nice. Great shopping. Good activities. I've been here only two months, so I'm still learning a lot about the city and the surrounding places. We have not gotten paid yet. Other than that, I am diggin it.
  • I'm with the BEDA program in the city of Murcia. I don't know if I'll be renewing in Murcia yet ... The city is cheap and it's definitely a nice place to live. I just think I may be better suited for a slightly bigger city, closer to the sea. But yes, I'd say you should put "big city" if you're looking to get placed in the city of Murcia, as opposed to the countryside (even though the city feels pretty small). BEDA pays its assistants on time, but I know the ministry program sucks in that area. Like 2-3 months late, or so I've heard. Here are some videos I've taken of the city, to give you a better sense for what it's like:

Is 15 € an hour for two children (5 and 7 year old) a fair price? That includes the bus fare (which is around 4 € round trip, which I would take once a week). I have a friend who has two kids for 20 € an hour, where as I have read others are less.

  • I charge 20€ for two if I have to travel. Otherwise, 16-18€ if walkable/bikeable.
  • Many people take advantage of this and pay very little money. Instituto hispánico is always looking for good English teachers and offered me 25€/hour plus travel expenses.

I´ve just arrived in Murcia, and I´m looking for anyone to walk around the city, or go to a bar. Does anyone want to join me?

  • It´s very common to arrive in Murcia and don´t know anyone yet. The best way to make friends quickly and socialize is to enrol the activities for the international students welcome week, organized by Instituto Hispánico de Murcia. Most of the activities are free, and many newbies usually attend them. If you follow this advice, you will not only meet other auxiliares, but also many other foreign international students from basically everywhere on Earth. There are even Spanish people attending some activities like “tandem” or “speed dating”.
  • You will meet up many people during your time in Murcia, don´t worry!

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