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Instituto Hispánico de Murcia | Spanish Courses in Spain strongly advises students to carefully read the following conditions BEFORE their booking. This is a legal contract between both parties, yourself, the participant, and Instituto Hispánico de Murcia S.L.

Instituto Hispánico de Murcia S.L. is the commercial name and registered trademark of the same company with I.D. B73840183 and registered in the Commercial Registry of Murcia in volume 3038, page MU-84712, book 0, inscrip. 1, page 132. Booking in one of our courses indicates that you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the contract.

While the state of alarm caused by COVID-19 was active in Spain, we had, and still offer, a 100% CANCELLATION GUARANTEE and RESERVATION FLEXIBILITY: In the event that a pandemic such us COVID-19 occurs during the course, we will be flexible with all reservations, changes and cancellations. Instituto Hispánico de Murcia is a safe school applying all requirements and recommendations according to the latest regulations. Please read our COVID-19 protocol (in Spanish) for everyone's safety and peace of mind.

We comply with the quality requirements of regulation UNE-EN 14804 “Language study tour providers.” (European regulation EN-14804:2006) of the ECS (European Committee for Standardization).

1st Minimum age

The minimum age for enrolment is 14 years old. Please email us for further information about younger students’ bookings. Applicants under 18 that participate in any of the programmes must do so with consent from a parent or guardian who assume that IH Murcia should inform them upon fixing timetables, activities and disciplinary actions to which their children or pupils will yield.

2nd Payment policy

All payments are due to be paid in EUROS at least 7 working days before the student’s arrival by:

1.- Bank transfer to the following bank account (all bank charges must be paid by the sender):

  • Bank: Sabadell
  • Address: Calle Salzillo, 7, Murcia – 30001 (Spain).
  • Name: Instituto Hispánico de Murcia S.L.
  • IBAN: ES63 0081 1162 3700 0112 1814

2.- PAYPAL: You may pay for your Spanish course in Murcia with PayPal here. Transactions are processed by PayPal, so your credit card information is safe and never stored. Please contact us for further information.

3.- Credit card via our website (safe payment) or credit card in our offices.

IMPORTANT: For tracking purposes, please send us a copy of your bank transfer by email. Clearly indicate the name(s) of the student(s) on the transfers as well as their reference number.

All bank charges and commissions should be paid by the sender.

Outstanding payments are due on first day of the course.

Prices are valid except in cases where typing errors are made. V.A.T. is included when applicable.

3rd Cancellation and refund policy | Special regulations on COVID-19

All cancellations must be notified in writing to our office (letter or e-mail). Cancellations not received in writing will not be accepted.

  • On the right of withdrawal, please read below.
  • Please read further down for more information regarding visas.
  • IH Murcia cannot be held responsible for cancellations due to Act of God, natural disasters, student’s health or personal problems, before or while the course is taking place.
  • Only individual lessons can be cancelled or postponed if notified in writing 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, lessons will be missed and payment will be not reimbursed. Credit hours do not apply in this case.
  • On COVID-19 100% CANCELLATION GUARANTEE AND FLEXIBILITY BOOKINGS: In the event of a pandemic such us Covid-19 during the course, we will be flexible with all bookings, changes, extensions or cancellations. You will be offered at any time the following 2 options:

1. Transfer your booking to an alternative Live Online Course. We will move your booking to Online Classes with a live teacher with no administration fees or penalties.

2. Extend your program and transfer your booking to a later date. We will offer you a credit note valid for a year. Subject to availability we will move your booking to a later date, with no administration fees or penalties.

4th Accommodation

We can provide students with shared flats or host family accommodation. Reservation is made on a night basis. Check-in accommodation is available from 12,00 h and check out until 16,00 h

1.- If choosing a host family, IH Murcia will provide students family information one week before student´s arrival in order to avoid uncomfortable last-minute changes.

  • Students should inform well in advance IH Murcia or their host family of their arrival time and date, otherwise IH Murcia will not be responsible for greeting or picking up the student.
  • For last minute registration IH Murcia cannot guarantee required accommodation preferences.
  • Students should bring along their own towels.
  • Laundry is included once a week, but not ironing.
  • Twin or double rooms bookings are only available for students travelling together.
  • In the case of a serious disciplinary offence or repeated bad behaviour, the student will be expelled from the accommodation contracted with IH Murcia without the right to any refund.
  • The student will be charged for the replacement of broken items due to either negligence, intention or accident. In all accommodation cases, if a student decides to postpone or take a break from the contracted period, s/he will lose any right to a monetary refund and the accommodation contract will be cancelled.
  • IH Murcia accepts no responsibility whatsoever for cases of force majeure (according to Spanish law) or for students’ actions.

2.- For student apartment accommodation we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions of the lease agreement provided by your landlord.

5th Complaints or comments

In case of default or complaint, students must report their complaint to the school secretary office by writing within the first week after their arrival. IH Murcia will certify the situation within 2 working days and will inform the student accordingly.

6th Responsibility

  • IH Murcia does not accept responsibility for losses or damages to personal properties in or outside the school premises. Students are advised to take out personal insurance to cover themselves against any cause. Please read below.
  • IH Murcia is not responsible or liable for accidents occurring outside the school premises (i.e. accommodation, weekly activities or excursions).

7th Changes

  • IH Murcia reserves the right to alter dates, fees, timetables or teaching premises without prior notice.
  • School fees will be updated on a yearly basis.
  • In case of unforeseen reasons classes might be postponed and held during a different timetable.
  • Lessons are non-transferable to other students.

8th Misconduct

Should the student not follow or respect the rules and regulations of the school, exhibits poor behaviour or does not attend classes on a regular basis IH Murcia might cancel his/her course and no money will be reimbursed.

9th Insurance

  • Participants must have health & liability insurance covering all costs that may arise during the course duration.
  • IH Murcia will not be responsible in any way for any accidents, loss or damage to students or their belongings during the course, either in students´ accommodation, when activities take place or at school premises.
  • On request we can contract a student´s medical insurance with 24/7 assistance in Spanish and English. Ask us for details.

10th Local & national holidays

  • The school will be closed when local or national holidays take place. In the case of public holidays which occur on a Monday students will begin their course on the Tuesday of that week. Public holidays are non-refundable nor to be made up.
  • In all cases students will pay on a regular weekly basis regardless of holidays.
  • It is by all means the responsibility of the student to contact us before booking in order to get this information. Click here to see information on IH Murcia 2022 school holidays.

11th Enrolment fee, books & class material

  • For all our courses there is a one-off payment for the inscription fee of 39 €. It includes registration, a placement test to determine the student´s entry level before arrival, additional materials, welcome pack, activities, personal assistance, unlimited Internet access at the school and course certificate.
  • All students will receive a course book, an exercise grammar book (price 37 €) and all additional class material provided by our teachers. If the student would like to buy a course book of a different level, the cost will be 25 € per book + CD.
  • There is a different course book for every language level, so if the student gets a higher level – approximately after 60 hours of language teaching – the student will have to buy another course book. Price for extra exercise book is 17 €.

12th Visas

  • Citizens of most European countries do not need a Visa to enter Spain. Students coming from other countries should obtain information regarding the requirements for obtaining a VISADO (VISA) at their nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate. For full general information regarding visas for language courses, please click here.
  • The certificates that accredit and confirm the enrolment in a Spanish programme at IH Murcia can only be signed, sealed and sent by people authorized by IH Murcia, who will not be held responsible for rejected Visa applications due to the fact that these documents do not have any official power and merely serve as confirmation of a course in one of our centres. Such documents will only be sent to cover the amount of course time initially contracted by the student.
  • IH Murcia will send out by ordinary mail, e-mail or fax, free of charge and to any student who asks for them, the following documents when the booked programme has been paid:
  1. Confirmation of the Spanish programme chosen by the student.
  2. Invoice for the cost of the booked programme (course + accommodation, if any).
  3. In the event that the student should urgently need the originals of any of these documents, IH Murcia will send them and charge the cost of the express mail to the student.
  • What happens if you pay for the course and/or accommodation and your visa request is denied?
  1. Instituto Hispánico de Murcia will refund students´ payment fully except 190 € administration fees (taxes not included) after providing your visa rejection letter, and only if you strictly followed the Spanish Consulate requirements to obtain a student visa.
  2. The money will be returned within 15 working days via bank transfer. Please also note that the school does not bear any costs related to money transfers and exchange rate movements as a result of which the relevant banking costs would be deducted from the refundable amount.
  3. As we have limited availability and teachers on payrol, plus all the corresponding administrative and staff services, in the event that you did not obtain the visa for reasons not attributable to our school, the reservation of your registration remains at our disposal to partially compensate the aforementioned expenses.
  4. Under no circumstances IH Murcia will be responsible for visa rejections. If you do not meet the Spanish Consulate requirements, we strongly recommend that you do not make your reservation, because you will not get the visa and it will cause damage to our school and yourself.
  5. In all cases you will be obliged to send us a clear copy of the original formal proof of the rejected visa and the reasons for it clearly detailed.

13th Minimum number of students required

There is a minimum number of 3 students in order to run any course, except for special tailor-made courses, ERASMUS. If there is only one student enrolled in a specific course, individual lessons will be offered instead, and the teaching time will be reduced to reflect the group course fee charged when the course was booked.

If there are less than 3 students in the ERASMUS course they can:

  • either have a course break and wait for another student to enroll, so the minimum of 5 students will be fulfilled.
  • or be offered to carry on, but the teaching time will be reduced to reflect the group course fee charged when booking in the first place.

Fees paid will not be reimbursed if student does not accept the above options.

IMPORTANT: We know that reserving the right for reducing lessons causes insecurity for students at the moment of enrollment which may detract people from booking with our school in the first place. If there are not sufficient participants, we will explicitly inform students about possible consequences either on arrival and/or during the course, and students will be notified about a reduction of the number of lessons as stated earlier. Having said that, this fact rarely takes place.

14th Airport pick up taxi service

1. Flight information (place, date, time, and flight number) must be confirmed in writing at least one week prior to arrival. Otherwise, IH Murcia will not be held responsible for picking up the student at the airport and there will be no refund.
2. If the student cancels the airport shuttle service less than one week prior to arrival, he/she will lose the right to a refund of the cost of that service.
3. In the exceptional case that other students who have reserved a private airport transfer service with us arrive around the same time, our driver reserves the right to combine the transfers.
4. In the event of delays or changes in flight information without previous notification, IH Murcia will not be held responsible for picking up the student at the airport and there will be no refund.


  • Arrival manager will wait a maximum of 60 minutes after expected arrival time for the student.
  • If the student does not show up / does not contact the arrival manager, the airport-pickup service will expire and the student will still have to pay for the service.
  • If the student contacts the arrival manager with a change of arrival time while arrival manager is already at the airport, a 10 € supplement will be charged for every 30 minutes additional waiting time.
  • Taxes not included.

15th Long duration courses

Students booking a long duration course - i.e. more than 4 weeks - will only be able to take any breaks within the contracted period under a penalty of 100 € every time the student wishes to do so.

16th Pictures & promotional material

By attending an IH Murcia event, workshop or course, you are providing your consent for any media (photos or video) captured at the event, workshop or course to be used, as determined by IH Murcia, for promotional or archival purposes. If you have questions about the collection, use, and disclosure of this information by IH Murcia please contact us.

17th Disabilities

  • IH Murcia welcomes applications from students with disabilities and always do whatever we can to assist with your study abroad plans.
  • Students with disabilities will find our school site more accessible than others. To start with, our website visitors can listen to any selected text from our site.
  • We are happy to adapt the programmes in order to cover your specific needs. You must specify what support you require in order to be able to adjust certain installations, especially where accommodation is required.

18th Students & Agency

  • After initial application is received from any Agency, agencies are responsible for dealing with the student directly from that point on.
  • IH Murcia holds no responsibility for bookings made through agencies. They must be truthful in relation to our profile and school information.
  • Agencies must make all students aware of their cancelation policies before requesting full payment.

IH Murcia will not enter into any disputes between the agency and the student.

19th FREE extra services

Please check out this link to know what is included for free when you enroll in our courses.

20th Data Protection Law

In compliance with Spanish Law 15/1999, of December 13, regarding the protection of personal data, IH Murcia would like to inform you that your personal information will be stored in a database (for which Instituto Hispánico de Murcia, S.L. is liable and responsible), and used solely for the commercial and operational purposes of the company. By accepting these general conditions, you consent to the use of your personal information for the above stated purposes. You have the right to request that we inform you of your right to access, correct or cancel such information within the established terms of the prevailing legislation, by writing to the address: Enrique Villar, 13, 1C, 30008 Murcia (Spain). We refer in our site to the Data Protection treatment Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR). And in this link the complete Regulation.

21st Cookies policy

We refer in our site to our Cookies Policy Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

22nd Jurisdiction

In the case of controversy, according to art. 90 of RDL 1/2007, will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals that correspond to the domicile of the consumer and user. Please find a link to the online dispute resolution platform.

23rd Withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is at least 14 days. The information on the right of withdrawal (art. 97 RDL 1/2007) can be found above under CANCELLATIONS. Here you can find with a withdrawal form (art. 97.i of RDL 1/2007)

24th Acceptance of our general conditions

Participation in our courses implies knowledge and acceptance by the student and/or his/her parents or legal guardian, of all General Conditions included here.

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