Spanish course LEVEL A2

Would you like to get A2 level of Spanish in five weeks?

This A2 LEVEL Spanish course is designed for students who already have an elementary knowledge of Spanish and want to continue their learning.

This is a dynamic, practical and fun Spanish course that offers a clear and simple grammatical base to acquire elementary notions of the language and a communicative competence that enables adequate linguistic interaction in different communication situations.

You must have previous knowledge of LEVEL A1 of Spanish to do this four lesson a day course. You can check it out by taking our level test. And remember that you can take this course online with a 10% discount.

You will learn to describe in simple terms past issues and topics related to immediate needs. You will be able to have short conversations and describe everyday life with simple sentences, write emails and short stories.

This level aims to train you to:

  • Understand frequently used phrases and expressions related to areas that are especially relevant (basic information about yourself and your family, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc.).
  • Communicate when carrying out simple and daily tasks that do not require more than simple and direct exchanges of information on issues that are familiar to you.
  • Describe in simple terms aspects of your past and your environment as well as issues related to your immediate needs.

Once you have finished this course, when you are ready, you can start the next Spanish course LEVEL B1 on March 13th.

Our Spanish courses are structured into 6 learning levels, in accordance with the Curricular Plan of the Instituto Cervantes and the CEFR of the Council of Europe: from initial level A1 to higher level C2. Here you have more details about levels, objectives and contents.

SPANISH COURSE A2 (90 hours)

680 €

(€7,7 / lesson)

Lessons / week:


1 lesson =

50 min.


from 17,00 h to 20,30 h
(subject to change)

Starting date:

Mon. 06th February 2023

Finishing date:

Fri. 10th March 2023

No. of students:

min. 3 max. 10
average 6



LEVEL A2 Grammar content

LEVEL A2 Functional content

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