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Enjoying Murcia: culture, environment, climate,...

It's tempting to keep the secret that is Murcia to ourselves, but here's a little sneak preview as to why this south-eastern Spanish city is such a hidden gem... Students come to Murcia in search for:

Authenticity: You guessed it! The English is little to non-existent. But hey, that’s what immersion is all about. Jump in and learn locally.
Cultural heritage: Discover a melting pot of cultures: Arabic, Christian and Jewish.
Local feel: It's a small enough city where you will quickly get to know all of the people you should know, quickly.
Cost effectiveness: Murcia is probably the most cost-friendly city by the Mediterranean coast with regards to living expenses.
Weather: It's beautiful and like many people say, it is the "California of Spain".
Water activities: Wave surfing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, fishing, sailing, and the list goes on. There's a lot to do.

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WHY coming to Murcia?

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  • Our Spanish school is small and therefore each student receives personal attention. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming - something that is difficult to achieve with larger schools.
  • As fewer people come to Murcia than other more touristy Spanish hubs such as Barcelona, Alicante or Madrid, you are unlikely to hear English or other languages during your stay - thus creating the perfect environment to really immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture. Embrace the local life, grab some local tapas and relax. But don’t expect ‘no hablo español’ to get you that far.
  • It's surprisingly easy to get around by foot. The vast majority of anything that you would need to access or even the family homes and apartments themselves are in the city centre.
  • The weather! Sitting on the aptly named Costa Cálida, Murcia boasts 330 days of sunshine each year and is the third sunniest region in all of Spain. 
  • Murcia is a very safe city in comparison to many others such as Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona or Málaga. You can walk safely through the streets at any time of day. In fact, Murcia is one of the safest regions in Spain according to the Spanish Homeland Security Office.
  • The food - namely tapas, which are said to be one of the best in Spain and a paradise for vegetarians, all washed down, of course, with a caña (draft beer) or two! 
  • Founded by the Moors in 825 AD, Murcia is a melting pot of cultures: Arabic, Christian and Jewish. As if you needed any excuse, you can be sure of ample food, drink and merriment at fiesta time. 
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  • Murcia RMU airport offers direct flights from many European cities. Being a smaller airport than many of those on the Spanish coasts, your time at the airport may well be shorter and less stressful. And don´t forget Alicante ALC airport is just 45 min. away from Murcia.
  • If you’re after sea and beaches, Murcia is your place. With 250 km of coastline as well as 18 natural parks, fields, mountains and valleys, the region boasts beautiful natural landscape which also lends itself perfectly to outdoor pursuits and sporting activities all year round.
  • The city’s beautiful parks, sports facilities, museums, theatres and clubs provide countless opportunities to enjoy your time in Murcia and experience life “a la española”.

  • ... And there are two universities, more than 40,000 students and a very busy social nightlife!

What else do you need? For more information about Murcia, please click here.  

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