Selectividad is the popular name given to the Spanish University Access Tests, a non-compulsory exam taken by students after secondary school, necessary to get into University. It is also known as EBAU, which stands for Evaluación del Bachillerato para el Acceso a la Universidad, earlier known as PAU (Prueba de acceso a la Universidad).

Students must take six 90-minute written exams over three days in June or September, consisting of common and specific subjects taken in "Bachillerato" (the last two non-compulsory years of secondary education). Selectividad exams are set by the Public Universities of each Autonomous Community and allow students to access the Spanish university system. For more details on the exam itself and common and specific subjects please click here.

Important notice: To apply for our course, you will need to have high- intermediate or advanced level of Spanish (minimum B2).

Obligatory subjects: Spanish language (4 lessons daily)

Optional subjects: To be chosen one (1 lesson daily)

  • Sciences: Mathematics.exam selectividad
  • Social Sciences: Mathematics, or Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences.
  • Humanities: Latin or Foreign Language.
  • Arts: Foundations of Art, or Art History.


  • Starting dates: October to May or January to May
  • From Monday to Friday
  • Levels: from B2
  • Lessons per day: 5
  • Students per class: Minimum 4 – Maximum 10
  • Books not included
  • 34 week programme | October to May 4,190 €
  • 22 week programme | January to May 3,190 €
  • Extra subject: 9 € / hour

Exhaustive review of the different subjects is given, concentrating on the resolution of selectividad exams from previous calls. We will also guide you through the admissions process to a Spanish university and we will provide a course certification to obtain your student visa if needed. 

Please contact us for further information and don´t forget to read our general conditions on bookings & prices. Remember there is a 75 € inscription fee in this special course. All taxes included.