The term "au pair" is French which means on equal terms. An au pair is a young person between 18 & 30 years old who becomes a temporary member of a family.

Usually, it's a girl (90 %) but more and more often, boys are taking this opportunity to improve their language skills and get acquainted with a new culture.  

Other schools provide Spanish courses. We offer experiences!why study with us?all our Spanish courses

In exchange for free board and lodging, a private room and pocket money (70 € a week), the au pair will take care of children and help with light housework including vaccuming, dusting, preparing the table for meal times and emptying the dishwasher.

Instituto Hispánico de Murcia is not an au pair agency. We help you find a caring and kind Spanish host family, and make all the necessary arrangements without using an agency so you will save a vast amount of money.

Also, remember everything will be set before your arrival, and note that we can provide this service in Murcia city only.

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  • Fees: 490 € no matter length. A 4 week Spanish intensive language course is included.
  • Duration of the stay: from 3 to 12 months.
  • Free activities: IH Murcia school weekly social & activity programme included.
  • Age restrictions: 18 to 30 years.
  • Preconditions: you must be single without children and have some knowledge of Spanish (minimum of A2 level recommended).
  • Working hours:  35 per week. Feeding included.
  • Holidays/spare time: at least one and a half days per week. Au pairs have no entitlement to holiday but in many cases 1-2 weeks of holiday can be agreed upon with the families.
  • Pocket money: 70 € per week.
  • Travel costs / language course: the au pair is responsible for the costs of her/his travel and language courses. The au pair will have the opportunity of attending a language course in our school longer than the contracted two week period. All this will be stipulated with the hosting family.
  • Health insurance: EU citizens have all health costs covered by the Social Security of Spain. They need a European health insurance card from their health insurance. Non - EU passport holders should enquire with their proper local authorities about what kind of medical insurance documents they must present.
  • Language skills: It is helpful if the au pair speaks a little Spanish.
  • EU Citizens: do not need a visa to become au pair in Spain. You just need a valid passport or a valid identity card. If you want to stay longer than 3 months, you must anounce this to the aliens registration authority. In all cases, we recommend always consulting with the nearest Spanish consulate.
  • Non-EU citizens: please click here and contact your nearest Spanish Consulate.

Course price

Our courses can be taken for periods of time different than those. Please contact us for further information and don´t forget to read our general conditions on bookings & prices. Remember there is a 39 € inscription fee and 37 € course material in all courses. All taxes included.

Please contact us to have all the necessary information on being an au pair in IH Murcia. We cannot guarantee that all information we gathered is correct or complete although we have done our best in the research. 

We appreciate any comments. Thank you!



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