Applying for a student visa in Spain

The following information is designed to assist students and education abroad advisers as they guide their students to obtain a student visa to study Spanish in Murcia. Please note that students and advisers should confirm specific procedures with each relevant consulate. We are just offering general information here.

Do I need a student visa?

Student visas are required for those people from outside Schengen territory whose time of study in Spain exceeds 90 days. If your time of study is less than 90 days, you will not be required to obtain a visa for your stay in Spain.

Will I receive a confirmation letter certifying that I am enrolled in a Spanish language course at Instituto Hispánico de Murcia to apply for my visa?

IHM requires those who need a letter of confirmation for their visa application to pay at leat 50% of the total course price. On receipt of the payment, we will issue a document confirming your admission at our school. This document states that your application at IHM has been successful as well as the number of hours you will study per week and the start and end date of your course. Depending on what the consulate requires, we can either send this document as PDF via e-mail, as fax or by post (mail cost not included). We will issue this document at zero cost, but if you need another document with new information or corrections, it will cost €50.

What is the process for applying for a student visa?

While most student visa requirements are similar from consulate to consulate, students must check their consulate's website for the exact requirements. 

What is the cost of a visa?

A visa fee of €60 is payable to the Spanish Consulate. This fee is non-refundable and will not be refunded if the visa application is not successful.

How long does a student visa take and when should I apply?

The websites of the Spanish Consulates state that processing a student visa could take up from 15 days to 1 month. Since students can apply for a visa up to three months before their departure date, we recommend applying for a visa as soon as they can, without exceeding the three-month rule.

Will consulates make exceptions and allow for emergency applications if I am leaving sooner that than the standard processing time?

Unfortunately, Spanish Consulates do not offer a rush processing service at this time. Therefore, we encourage all students to apply as soon as they can, without exceeding the three-month rule.

How can I get an earlier appointment?

It is recommended that students first sign up for the earliest possible open appointment. Students may regularly check the consulate's website for cancellations. When there is a cancellation, an earlier appointment time will become available. It is important that students check the website multiple times per day because the openings will be claimed quickly by others seeking to advance their appointments. After the appointment with the consulate, there is a 15 days to 1 month processing time before the student will receive the visa.

Can I obtain a student visa once overseas?

At this time, all students engaged in a course of study lasting more than 90 days must obtain a student visa prior to entering Spain. Visas are not awarded once the student is in Spain.

Can I extend my visa for a longer Spanish language course, for example?

Fortunately, at this time, students going to Spain can extend or change their visas once they're abroad. Having said that, always check your consulate. In general, and depending on the Consulate, students may submit a visa application from abroad to the appropriate Consulate. However, in some cases, students may be required to appear in person in order to retrieve their visas. Please always contact your Consulate for more information.

Can I travel after the programme even if my visa has expired?

Spanish Consulates advise that a student is allowed to travel in the Schengen zone (outside of Spain) for up to 90-days after his/her visa has expired. However, while this is a Spanish regulation, it may not be the case with other countries surrounding Spain. Therefore, students are encouraged to get more information about the places they intend to travel prior to leaving Spain.

If I am having a problem obtaining my visa, what should I do?

If a student is having a problem with his/her visa, please have them contact the consulate directly.

Refusal and appeals:

Whenever the diplomatic missions and consular offices decide to refuse a visa, the applicant must be always notified. However, they are under no obligation to provide reasons for the refusal, except in the case of visas for family reunification or for work for third parties. You may appeal the refusal of a visa either by means of a request for reconsideration from the same diplomatic mission or consular office with one month, or by requesting a judicial review before the Supreme Court in Madrid, within two months.

What happens if I pay for the course and/or accommodation and my visa request is denied?

Instituto Hispánico de Murcia will refund students´ payment fully except 190€ administration fees (taxes not included) after providing your visa rejection letter only if you strictly followed the Spanish Consulate requirements to obtain a student visa. The money will be returned within 15 working days via bank transfer. Please also note that the school does not bear any costs related to money transfers and exchange rate movements as a result of which the relevant banking costs would be deducted from the refundable amount.

More detailed information in our booking general conditions.

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