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My experience in Instituto Hispánico de Murcia: These 3 weeks in Spain were probably the best time in my life.

It was a big opportunity for me. I was able to travel to a new country, get to know their culture and history.

This was a fantastic experience and I hope that many other students will have the same opportunity as I had. Spain in general is a beautiful country, but Murcia gave me that peaceful feeling.

Even though it was a big city, it was peaceful and felt safe to be there, everything was close, and it was truly amazing. Murcia was very much different from every other city I have visited, and that made it special. Spanish language was hard to learn but got some kind of hang of it, out teacher did an amazing work in teaching us at least the main stuff.

Our classes in Murcia were much more fun and learning that they were in Norway. I learned more than I did in my Spanish classes in Norway. We had a lot of activities that helped us learn both about the culture and history. It was a lot fun and every activity was fun to do. Not a single day was the same as others. Our workplace was a comfortable place to be at.

People were kind and it was nice being there and I was always happy to come back. There was no pressure on us which made things easier to finish our work without being stressed out. We had also a lot of time to finish our task, which I usually never got at any workplace I was at. Another thing I really enjoyed was how friendly and kind people were.

I had a lot of memories coming up from Slovakia while I was in Murcia because it was kind of alike, and it was really nice to be there. The only negative thing during this trip was the other Norwegian girls that ruined my trip by acting like they did and that I could not have travelled more around, like taking a trip to Alicante and enjoy a day there or just do something random in free time. Or else I loved ever single day of this trip and I can’t wait to come back.

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