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The latest edition of Energy Efficiency Index shows that SMEs – small & medium entrerprises – have a capacity of 17.1% savings of the energy they consume, only by changing some habits and equipment.

This savings potential is equivalent to 2,137 million Euros that would create 83,000 jobs in SMEs.  

At Instituto Hispánico de Murcia | Spanish courses for foreigners, we have implemented the following measures:

Adjustments to the real spending power

It is a very important decision, because companies often hire a power greater than they actually consume. Have an expert determine your needs through an energy audit, where your positions and how to distribute the electricity consumption throughout the day will be analized.

Beware of reactive power

During the production of heat or electricity, many appliances consume more energy than is actually used to their operation. This energy goes into the environment and it is wasted, but occurs on the bill and also may be subject to penalty. To avoid this reactive power and the resulting fine, we installed capacitor banks. Santiago Chivite, commercial director of Centrica Energy, can see it very clearly: ”You can fix that penalty with an investment of $ 1,000 to compensate for two months“.


The next-generation elevators consume up to 60% less energy than conventional ones. Also, as always are on classical lighting should be replaced by other low-power and instill within them a presence detector to switch on when someone is inside.


When purchasing photocopiers, printers and even computers, it is important to choose those that are highly energy efficient. They carry the Energy Star label and use less energy. The advantage is that after some time of non-using them they pass to a resting state where they consume 15% of energy in the normal state.

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Laptop computers spend less than desktop ones. They have liquid crystal displays that consume between 50% and 70% less than those of cathode ray tube. For an average of eight hours of work, saving of a laptop in contrary of a traditional desktop PC can reach 100 kW per year. Furthermore, properly setting the resting state of the equipment can save up to 50% of energy. The guide of the efficient office WWF explains that the savings can achieve between 10% and 20% of energy with an appropriate use by employees: with stops more 10 minutes or turn the monitor off. In case of a stop more than an hour, turn off completely the computer. Adjusting the brightness of the monitor at an average level also results in a saving of between 15% and 20%, and if the brightness is low, you get up to 40%.

Air conditioning

The heating and cooling equipment are the biggest consumer per year, representing between 25% and 30% respectively. It is important to adjust the temperature properly for which energy is not wasted. Use thermostats and try to adjust summer temperatures  between 22 degrees and 25 degrees and in winter between 20 and 22 degrees. For every extra degree, over or under, energy expenditure is increased by 8% to 10%.


By using low energy light bulbs you get an overall savings of 80%. The fluorescent bulbs consume 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer. Those with electronic ballasts consume up to 30% less than conventional and extend up to 50% the bulbs life. And LED has now arrived!

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