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20 lessons / week

Our top-rated Spanish course in Murcia

This is a 20-lesson per week course where you will acquire the necessary skills to be able to communicate in the Spanish-speaking world.

"It has been a great experience this week. I don't like to talk, but the classes with Miriam were great! She was kind and patient. She explained things well and also made sure we understood everything we were doing."
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Javara W.

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Intensive 20 Spanish course

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€ 39 inscription fee and € 37 first batch of books.

The Intensive Spanish course of 20 lessons per week at the Instituto Hispánico de Murcia is an educational programme designed if you wish to learn Spanish quickly and effectively.

The course is taught in small groups to guarantee personalised teaching and greater individual attention to each student.

It caters to students of all proficiency levels, spanning from beginners to advanced, and emphasizes the four fundamental aspects of learning Spanish: grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and listening comprehension.

Additionally, the course incorporates a segment devoted to Spanish culture and society, recognizing its importance for authentic and effective communication in Spanish.

Classes are taught from Monday to Friday, in the morning or afternoon, and are designed to be dynamic, interactive, and participatory.

Our teachers are highly trained and have extensive experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We use a variety of resources and teaching materials, such as textbooks, audios, videos, games and activities, to ensure that your learning is interesting and effective.

Enrol today in our Intensive Spanish course and start your journey towards mastering Spanish!

10 key goals of the Intensive Spanish course

  1. Improve your listening and speaking skills in Spanish, through activities and practice to develop effective communication skills.
  2. Expand your vocabulary by learning new words and expressions to be able to communicate fluently in different situations.
  3. Strengthen your Spanish grammar and syntax through practice exercises that improve sentence structure and the construction of coherent sentences.
  4. Practice writing by learning techniques to write texts of different types and styles.
  5. Improve your reading comprehension by reading texts of varying levels of complexity and diverse topics.
  6. Learn about Spanish culture, its history, art, and customs to better understand the sociocultural context of the language.
  7. Develop the ability to understand and speak Spanish in everyday situations, such as shopping, asking for information, phone conversations, among others.
  8. Participate in cultural immersion activities to practice the language in real and enriching situations, such as visits to museums, popular festivals, concerts, among others.
  9. Acquire specialised language skills in different fields, according to each student’s needs, such as business, tourism, medicine, etc.
  10. Take certification exams in Spanish, such as SIELE and DELE, to obtain official recognition of your level of language proficiency and increase your job and academic opportunities.

What is the price and what materials are needed for the Intensive Spanish course in Murcia?

See, our prices are very competitive. The cost for one week of intensive course is €139. We also offer special discounts for long-term courses and groups. You can find more information by contacting our customer service team via email or chat.

You will be able to purchase a batch of books (Aula Plus textbook from the Difusión publishing house, and an exercise book) on the first day of class for €37 (tax included). You will need new books every time you move up a level. We also recommend that you bring a notepad and pen to take notes in class.

Instituto Hispanico de Murcia - materials

Who is the target audience for the Intensive Spanish course?

As for who can learn Spanish, the answer is simple: everyone! It doesn’t matter your age or level of experience, it’s always possible to learn a new language. Our school is open to anyone who wants to learn Spanish regardless of their gender, nationality, religion, age (if you’re under 18 we’ll need parental permission), and even musical taste!

Learning Spanish can be particularly useful if you are interested in working in an international environment, studying at a Spanish-speaking university, or simply traveling and discovering new places.

Our intensive Spanish course of 20 lessons per week is designed to be accessible and effective for all students. The course is divided into small classes of no more than 10 students, which allows the teachers to adapt to the individual needs of each student. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching Spanish to international students.

Also, the Instituto Hispánico de Murcia offers extracurricular activities such as cultural excursions and social events, which allow you to practice your Spanish in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Learning Spanish at the Instituto Hispánico de Murcia will provide you with valuable language skills that will be useful in the future. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to meet new people and cultures, and make friends from all over the world.

What approach does the Intensive Spanish course in Murcia follow?

The methodology of any intensive Spanish course can vary depending on the teaching centre and the course’s approach. However, our intensive Spanish courses in Murcia have the following characteristics:

  1. Focus on communication: The main goal of our intensive Spanish course to improve your communication skills in Spanish. Therefore, the methodology focuses on the development of listening and reading comprehension skills, as well as speaking and writing skills, and oral interaction.
  2. Language immersion: To promote constant Spanish practice, the methodology of our intensive Spanish course seeks to create a language immersion environment. This is achieved through activities where you will interact in Spanish, such as debates, presentations, and role-playing games.
  3. Use of teaching materials: Our teachers use a wide variety of teaching materials to facilitate language learning. These can include course books, online exercises, videos, audio recordings and authentic materials such as news articles and television programmes.
  4. Work in small groups: To promote interaction among students and teachers, the methodology includes small group work. This allows you to practice the language in a more relaxed and collaborative environment, and receive constant feedback.
  5. Continuous assessment: To make sure you are making adequate progress, our teachers in the intensive Spanish courses use continuous assessment. This means that you will be evaluated constantly on your performance in the different language skills, and you will be given feedback so you can improve.

To make a long story short, the methodology of our intensive Spanish course in Murcia focuses on communication and language immersion, we use a variety of teaching materials and prioritise small group work. In addition, we use continuous assessment to ensure your progress.

Which certificate is awarded upon completing the Intensive Spanish course in Murcia?

Once you finish your Spanish course, you will receive a certificate or diploma. With these certificates, you can demonstrate that you have attended a Spanish course in Murcia and that you have achieved a certain level of Spanish. There are three types of certificates:

Certificate of attendance

This certificate shows your name, the course you have taken, the dates of the course, and the percentage of classes attended. There is a minimum requirement of 80%.

Certificate of course completion

This certificate indicates your name, the course you have completed, the dates and that you have completed a specific level. It is essential to have attended 80% of your classes.

Certificate of level proficiency

We issue this certificate if you have previously met the 80% attendance requirement in your classes and have completed all the objectives and contents of a certain level through an exam.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Intensive Spanish Course

The Intensive Spanish course in Murcia consists of 20 lessons per week and you can enrol from 1 to 16 weeks. If you’re considering booking for an extended period, we recommend our LONG-TERM Spanish course.

Classes are conducted Monday through Friday, either in the morning or the afternoon. You have the flexibility to commence the course on any Monday throughout the year.

There is no minimum age to enroll in our Intensive Spanish course in Murcia.