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This course is designed for all international students who have a thousand things on their agenda and can only sign up for Spanish classes three days a week. Whether you’re tied up with other studies or have to take care of little ones, this course is made with your daily hustle in mind. 

Let’s make learning Spanish fun and seamlessly fit into your routine in an international, enjoyable, communicative and, above all, practical!

"I studied in Instituto Hispánico for ten months. I started with a low level of A2 and finished with a C1. Teachers are very kind and always help you with any doubts. The quality-price ratio is very good, as you pay less money if you pay for several months at once. 100% recommended."
Erasmus student at Murcia
Rebeka S.

Other schools provide Spanish courses. We offer experiences! 

ERASMUS Spanish course

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What is the special course for ERASMUS and Au Pairs in Murcia?

The special course for ERASMUS and Au Pairs in Murcia is like an all-terrain vehicle for Spanish, from absolute beginners to expert level. The best part is you don’t need to know anything beforehand.

Before the first day of class, everyone undergoes a quick level assessment unless you’re in absolute beginner mode. This helps determine your Spanish proficiency level and places you in the perfect class.

The cool thing is the course is open to anyone looking to improve their Spanish, whether you have an ERASMUS scholarship or not. So, any foreigner can sign up!

We’re offering this course especially for Au Pairs and students of the University of Murcia. We cover all levels, from starting from scratch to becoming a pro in Spanish, and the best part is you can do it all online and throughout the year!

The main goal is to give you the foundations of Spanish so you can easily integrate into the academic and social life here in Murcia, whether you’re an international student or an adventurous Au Pair. Let’s learn and have fun!

This course is designed for those staying long-term in Murcia because it’s not an intensive course. You can choose between morning or afternoon schedules, depending on the availability of Spanish levels when you enroll, and the three days a week that suit you best. And if you need to learn Spanish quickly, we also have intensive programmes.

Classes are held Monday to Friday with a flexible schedule so you can adjust it according to your needs and time. Additionally, we offer private classes and tutoring for faster progress and more personalized learning.

The price of the Spanish course varies depending on how long you want to take it. We have options from three months to a full year, with prices that fit all budgets. And if you come with friends, we offer special group discounts! But remember, spots are limited, so if you want to secure your spot in our Spanish course in Murcia, why wait to book your ERASMUS course? Don’t miss out!

In our course we focus on a communicative and practical methodology that turns learning Spanish into a whole experience. The communicative methodology is based on the idea that language is best learned when you communicate effectively and authentically. We have teachers who are true experts in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and use a variety of techniques, from games and paired activities to group discussions and debates, and much more! All of this aims to help you improve your ability to understand and speak Spanish effectively and naturally.

Furthermore, our practical methodology focuses on giving you real opportunities to practice Spanish. Through practical activities and projects, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge in real-world situations. This will not only enhance your conversational skills but also your grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension. So get ready to immerse yourself in Spanish in the most practical and fun way possible!


Contents and benefits of this Spanish course

The content of our course focuses on the four language skills: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking, and writing. It’s designed to help you achieve your goals in learning Spanish, whether you want to communicate effectively in daily situations, prepare for DELE or SIELE exams, or enhance your ability to communicate in academic or professional environments.

Our curriculum covers a wide variety of relevant and practical topics for everyday life in Spain. From urban life to Spanish cuisine and culture, tourism, and Spanish history, among others. Furthermore, we provide you with a solid foundation in Spanish grammar and structure, enabling you to construct correct sentences and communicate effectively.

The benefits of joining our Spanish course in Murcia are endless. Not only will you improve your Spanish, but you’ll also immerse yourself in Spanish culture and live in one of Spain’s most beautiful and safest cities. You’ll have the chance to practice Spanish with native speakers, make new friends, and connect in a multicultural environment.

As a course focused on ERASMUS students and Au Pairs, you’ll get to meet other students from different parts of the world and share unique experiences. Learning Spanish in Murcia will also benefit you in your academic or professional future, as possessing a second language is a highly valued skill in many job fields. Come and join this adventure!

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to perfect your Spanish and live an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful and safest cities in Spain! We’re waiting for you in Murcia!

Frequently Asked Questions about the ERASMUS and Au Pairs Course

The classes are scheduled either in the morning or afternoon, depending on the availability of Spanish levels at the time of your enrollment, and three days a week of your preference. Come visit us to explore the different options.
No, the special course for ERASMUS and AU PAIRS students in Murcia is designed for all levels of Spanish proficiency, from beginner to advanced.
No, the special ERASMUS and AU PAIR course in Murcia is open to all students interested in learning and improving their Spanish in the long term and in a non-intensive way.
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