Standard Spanish Course

10 lessons / week

In Instituto Hispánico de Murcia, we provide a tailored educational programme if you are seeking a rapid and efficient way to learn Spanish. This course comprises 10 lessons per week, specifically crafted to deliver personalized instruction and individual attention through small group training.

"I enthusiastically recommend anyone aiming to learn Spanish and enhance their proficiency to consider attending this school. The teaching quality is exceptional, the instructors are consistently attentive, and a fantastic atmosphere is assured!"
Student of Intensive Spanish Course 10
Clovis C.

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Standard Spanish course 10

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This course is open to students of all levels, from beginners to advanced, and focuses on essential aspects of learning Spanish: grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and listening comprehension. Additionally, there is a section dedicated to Spanish culture and society, a key aspect for achieving authentic and effective communication in Spanish.

Classes take place from Monday to Friday, during both morning and afternoon sessions, tailored to your Spanish proficiency level. They are known for their dynamic, interactive, and participatory nature. Our teachers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We use a variety of resources and teaching materials, such as textbooks, audios, videos, games, and activities, to ensure engaging and effective learning.

The key objectives of our standard Spanish course

  • Improve oral comprehension and expression in Spanish through activities that develop effective communication skills.
  • Expand vocabulary by learning new words and expressions to achieve fluent communication in different situations.
  • Strengthen Spanish grammar and syntax through exercises that improve sentence structure and the construction of coherent sentences.
  • Practice writing and learn techniques for composing texts of different styles and types.
  • Enhance reading comprehension through reading texts of different difficulty levels and diverse topics.
  • Learn about Spanish culture, history, art, and traditions, to better understand the sociocultural context of Spanish.
  • Develop the ability to understand and communicate in Spanish in everyday situations, such as shopping, seeking information, phone conversations, among others.
  • Participate in cultural immersion activities that allow for practicing the language in real and enriching situations, such as museum visits, festivals, concerts, among others.
  • Acquire specialized language skills in different fields according to each student’s needs, such as business, tourism, medicine, among others.
  • Take Spanish certification exams, such as the SIELE and DELE, to obtain official recognition of language proficiency level and increase job and academic opportunities.

Price and course materials

We offer competitive prices for our standard Spanish course. The cost of the course is €79 per week. For more information about prices and discounts, we recommend that you contact our customer service team via email or WhatsApp.

Regarding the course materials, you can purchase a package of books on the first day of class for €37, which includes the “Aula Plus” textbook from Difusión publishing and the exercise book. It’s important to note that as you advance to higher levels, you will need new books. In addition to the books, we recommend bringing a notepad and pen to take notes during the classes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll today in our standard Spanish course and start your journey towards language mastery!

For whom is the standard Spanish course designed?

Regarding the possibility of learning Spanish, the answer is simple: everyone can do it! It doesn’t matter the age or level of experience, it’s always possible to embark on the journey of learning a new language. At our school, we welcome anyone who has the willing to learn Spanish, regardless of their gender, nationality, religion, age (if you are under 18, we will need parental permission), and even musical preferences!

Learning Spanish can be especially beneficial if you’re interested in working in an international environment, studying at a Spanish-speaking university, or simply traveling and discovering new places.

Our standard Spanish course, with 10 lessons per week, has been designed to be accessible and effective for all students. Classes are taught in small groups of no more than 10 students, allowing our teachers to tailor the lessons to individual needs. We have qualified teachers with experience in teaching Spanish to international students. The truth is, we have the best teachers in the world! And we’re not just saying it.

In addition, at the Instituto Hispánico de Murcia, we offer extracurricular activities such as cultural excursions and social events that will allow you to practice your Spanish in a relaxed and sociable environment.

Learning Spanish at our international school will provide you with valuable language skills that will be useful in the future. It will also give you the opportunity to meet new people and cultures, and make friends from different parts of the world.         

What approach does the standard Spanish course in Murcia follow?

The methodology of the standard Spanish course in Murcia is based on the following principles:

  1. Communicative approach: The course focuses on developing your communication skills in Spanish. The main goal is for you to understand and express yourself effectively in different everyday situations.
  2. Personalized approach: Teachers tailor the teaching to the individual needs of the students, providing support and individual attention to ensure effective learning.
  3. Language immersion: The aim is to create an immersive language environment where Spanish is used as the primary means of communication during classes. This allows you to practice constantly and improve your fluency.
  4. Small group work: Classes are conducted in small groups to encourage active participation and interaction among students. This provides you with the opportunity to practice the language in a more intimate setting and receive direct feedback from the teachers.
  5. Use of different materials: Teachers use a wide range of teaching materials, such as textbooks, online resources, audios, videos, and authentic materials like newspaper articles or movie extracts. These materials help contextualize learning and offer opportunities for the development of all language skills.
  6. Continuous assessment: Ongoing evaluation of your progress is conducted throughout the course. This includes tests and activities that allow you to show your skills and receive personalized feedback to enhance your learning.

What advantages come with opting for a 10-hour per week Spanish course?

Taking a standard Spanish course offers a range of significant benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Flexibility in schedule: Having a standard course with a 10-hour per week schedule provides greater flexibility compared to a full-time intensive course. This can be particularly useful for individuals with additional commitments or responsibilities, such as work or studies.
  • More time for personal practice: With fewer hours of class per week, there is more time available for personal practice of Spanish. This allows for reinforcing the knowledge gained in class and practicing listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills autonomously.
  • Lower academic load: A 10-hour per week standard course may be less overwhelming for some students, especially those who feel more comfortable with a more gradual pace of learning. This can contribute to a more relaxed and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Progressive language improvement: Although the course has a reduced number of hours, significant progress in Spanish language proficiency can still be achieved. Throughout the course, important language skills will be acquired and reinforced, leading to progressive improvement in oral and written comprehension and expression.
  • Opportunity to practice in real-life contexts: With more free time outside the classroom, it is possible to engage in practicing Spanish in everyday real-life situations. This includes interacting with native speakers, watching movies or tv series in Spanish, reading books or newspapers in Spanish, and participating in cultural activities related to the Spanish language.
  • Increased focus on teaching quality: With a reduced number of hours, teachers can provide more individualized attention to each student. This allows for a greater focus on individual needs and goals, adapting the teaching in a more personalized manner and providing more detailed feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions about the standard Spanish Course

This standard Spanish course consists of 10 lessons per week. The lessons are scheduled from Monday to Friday and can be either in the morning or in the afternoon, according to your Spanish level.

The sole distinction lies in the weekly lesson count. With the standard 10 course, you have the flexibility to participate in a portion of the Intensive 20 course if preferred.

You can start on any Monday of the year. We recommend that you contact us to arrange your course schedule.

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