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Written press is the set of printed publications that differ according to their periodicity, which can be daily (in which case it is usually called daily), weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly (yearbook). Or just newspaper.

The antecedents of the written diffusion of news go back to antiquity. Indeed, in some civilizations the events were disseminated in the form of texts written on sheets (more rarely papyrus, silk or parchment) or in public inscriptions (on stone, metal or wood).

Some formats of written press publications are the newspaper, magazine, newsletter, some books, and pamphlet. (Source: WIKIPEDIA)

And here you have several examples of publications about our school, even from Summer ´99, before our official inauguration in August 2000.


We can ensure that language travel arouses high interest due to its economic repercussions, since it is combined with visits to the country’s cultural attractions, the socio-cultural heritage and the consumption of complementary products. The language traveller, in addition, is a good prescriber to later spread the qualities of a country, a region or a city.

For this reason, and for the novelty of Instituto Hispánico de Murcia, founded in 2000, we have been fortunate to attract the attention of radio and print media.

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