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If you are looking for an internship in Spain, you are in the right place!

Discover new cultures and improve your professional skills by doing an internship in Murcia, Spain. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain experience in a vibrant and welcoming country while enjoying our food, history and culture.

These internships offer the perfect opportunities to bridge the gap between schooling and professionalism, which many students fail to connect when crossing this vital threshold of life.

Other schools provide Spanish courses. We offer experiences! 

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Instituto Hispánico de Murcia’s Work Experience programme offers university students the opportunity to experience life in Spain as more than just a tourist or student. Working and living with Spanish and other international colleagues will give you a unique perspective on everyday Spain.

If you are a university student or have already graduated, you can come to Murcia to live and work in our international Spanish school or in any other company in Murcia, restaurant or hotel for 3 to 6 months at any time of the year.

Please note that internships are unpaid. Instituto Hispánico de Murcia organises this work experience programme for you to gain first-hand experience in the Spanish employment sector of your choice, in order to acquire skills and develop your CV.

We collaborate with many international universities and have been welcoming young people from all over the world since 2000 to have the experience of a lifetime while working and travelling in Spain.

What is the profile of candidates for this experience?

  • University students or students about to graduate
  • Between 18 and 29 years old
  • Min. level A2 in Spanish
  • Enthusiastic interns from different backgrounds, nationalities, and university studies

Students with the following backgrounds will be given priority: marketing, promotion, social media, event and leisure management, hotel and restaurant management, F&B (food and beverage), tourism, accounting, copywriting/journalism, ICT and business administration.

Do you need a high level of Spanish to enjoy this programme?

You should have at least an elementary level of Spanish, or A2, in order to be able to communicate with your colleagues and clients.

In any case, if you do not have this level you can improve it with the Spanish classes (240 lessons) included in this programme. This will boost your Spanish to the required level in the shortest possible time.

What does the work placement programme in Spain include?

This internship programme consists of:

  • 3 months Spanish language training, 240 hours
  • 3 to 6 months of work experience

In addition to:

  • Initial advice and analysis of your needs and competences
  • Introduction to our school
  • Language level assessment to find the most suitable group for your profile.
  • Educational support
  • Search for a company related to your profile
  • Tutoring during your internship
  • Visa assistance if required*.
  • Advice on accommodation

*Do you need a visa?

If you need a visa for an internship in Spain, it is important that you find out about the requirements and processes needed to obtain it. These may vary depending on your country of origin and the length of your stay.

It is advisable to contact the Spanish embassy or consulate in your country to obtain up-to-date and accurate information on visa requirements and how to apply for a visa. And it is very important that you start the process well in advance to avoid delays and problems.

You may need to apply for an initial residence visa for internships. This document allows you to live in Spain and take part in an internship programme, which is formalised by signing an internship agreement or employment contract. The objective is to improve skills, knowledge and experience in a specific professional environment.

But, we urge you to contact your nearest Spanish Consulate.

What is the application process for the internship programme?

First, contact us asking for information about the programme. We will then review your application, your CV, your experience and your motivations. We will ask you to take our online Spanish test to get an approximation of your level.

From here, we will have an online interview with you to discuss all your concerns and find out your true level of Spanish and, finally, we will let you know if you have passed the application process and we will set the dates for both the Spanish course and your internship.

Once you have successfully completed the application process, we will ask you to pay the course fee to secure your place on the programme, you will receive our welcome letter and we will start to organise your classes and find the right company for you.

Please note that you will not be accepted if you:

  • Don’t have the language skills in Spanish or English required by employers.
  • Have no real interest in learning more about Spain, its language and culture.

In which business sectors can you do your internship?

  • Tourism
  • Foreign trade
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Travel agencies
  • Translation and interpreting
  • Accounting and finance
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Events organisation
  • Human resources
  • Sales and trade
  • Administration
  • Hotels

What kind of projects can you participate in?

  • Marketing communication plan
  • Conducting international market research
  • Contribution to product promotion
  • Creation and/or configuration of new products
  • Writing practice of relevant texts in the drafting of translation assignments
  • SEO-related activities
  • Community manager
  • Customer service
  • Food and beverage management

What timetable will you have?

Depending on the availability of our Spanish courses and your level of proficiency in Spanish you will have Spanish classes in the mornings and work experience in the afternoons for the first 3 months. After that your timetable will be approximately 35 hours of work experience per week depending on the company selected.

Will you receive a refund or a new internship if you do not enjoy your choice?

Unfortunately, this is not possible once the internship has started.

Can you interview several companies before choosing one?

With this programme you will have an amazing experience in Spain. And because we know that sometimes it is difficult to find the company of your dreams the first time, you will be able to interview with up to 3 companies to get the internship you are looking for.

We are experts in finding the internships that best fit your profile, so you won’t need to try any more.

Is it possible that the company where you are doing your internship will hire you on a full-time basis?

If the company is very satisfied with your work, you may receive an offer. However, Instituto Hispánico de Murcia is not involved in this external decision and we cannot guarantee you a job offer. The decision rests entirely in the hands of the company where you are doing your internship.

Why choose to do the Work Experience programme in Murcia?

Work experience can include a variety of roles and responsibilities, from internships and part-time jobs to full-time jobs and leadership positions.

Please note that having work experience is beneficial for professional and personal development, as well as for increasing the chances of success in the labour market. Doing our work experience programme:

  • You will learn and improve your Spanish by taking classes at our school. The programme includes a 12-week intensive Spanish course (240 hours in total).
  • You will experience Spain by living and working with Spaniards and other foreigners.
  • You will gain confidence, independence, maturity, communication and valuable lifelong skills that will broaden your horizons and future career.
  • You will gain valuable skills and knowledge through this work.

What are the benefits of the work experience programme at Instituto Hispánico de Murcia?

The work placement in Murcia will provide you with a valuable and enriching experience that will help you improve your linguistic, cultural and professional skills, as well as develop useful personal skills for life in general.

Doing an internship at Instituto Hispánico has numerous advantages and benefits, such as:

  • Improving your language skills: Living and working in a country where another language is spoken will give you the opportunity to practice and improve your language skills. This is very valuable in today’s globalised world, where the ability to communicate in several languages is undoubtedly a great advantage in the job market.
  • Multicultural experience: Working in a multicultural environment, you will have the opportunity to learn and experience different cultures and ways of working. This will enhance your understanding and ability to work in a team with people from different backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Professional development: The internship will provide you with valuable experience in your desired field of work. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn from professionals and acquire specific skills and technical knowledge that will be valuable in future employment opportunities.
  • Personal development: Living and working in another country is a transformational experience. It helps develop skills such as adaptability, resilience, independence and tolerance. These skills are invaluable in both work and personal life.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Work Experience at IHM

  • University students or about to graduate
  • Between 18 and 29 years old
  • Min. level A2 in Spanish
  • Enthusiastic trainees from different backgrounds, nationalities, and from different university studies

This internship programme consists of:

  • 3 months of language training in Spanish, 240 hours
  • 3 to 6 months of work experience in a company

If the company is very satisfied with your work, you may receive an offer. However, Instituto Hispánico de Murcia is not involved in this external decision and we cannot guarantee you a job offer.

To apply for the programme, contact us and send your CV.

You will then have an online interview with us to discuss all your questions.

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