Vallarta (Mexico) Summer camp

Would you like to learn Spanish in Paradise?

Where else to study than in a place where learning feels like a vacation?

Imagine lying on a soft bed of golden sand, gazing out upon a beautiful azure ocean and a cloudless sky. Have you already pictured yourself?

Nestled amidst the majestic peaks of the Sierra Madre Occidental in the State of Jalisco, and embraced by the expanse of the Mexican Pacific, lies Puerto Vallarta. This enchanting tourist haven boasts a picturesque landscape adorned with crimson-tinted rooftops, mesmerizing golden sunsets, and charming cobblestone streets. Referred to as “The Most Mexican Port” it stands as a multifaceted destination offering an array of elements for an extraordinary vacation experience, including pristine beaches, diverse hotels, an abundance of restaurants, and family-friendly activities.

Whether your preference leans towards a lively nightlife, an eco-rich sanctuary, a technologically advanced retreat far from the hustle of metropolises, or simply a tranquil escape, Puerto Vallarta caters to all desires. With its diverse offerings, it becomes a compelling choice for your upcoming travel plans, providing ample reasons to secure a coveted spot on your list of future destinations.

Instituto Hispanico de Murcia - Cursos - Campus Vallarta

Founded in the year 2000, our educational institution provides a diverse range of Spanish courses situated in both Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta. Whether you seek a laid-back beach vacation schedule or the rigors of an executive course, we are dedicated to upholding excellence. Ensuring the quality of our instruction remains paramount, regardless of the intensity level you desire for your program. Additionally, you have the opportunity to relish the pristine beaches of Vallarta, making it one of the safest and most picturesque destinations along the Mexican Pacific Coast!

We are dedicated to achieving excellence, with a primary focus on the quality of our instruction. It’s important to note that we boast 24 years of experience. To foster a more profound grasp of the Spanish language, we actively engage our students in our daily routines and activities. This approach guarantees that they acquire Spanish not only within the confines of the classroom but by immersing themselves in the authentic Mexican lifestyle beyond the classroom setting.

Additionally, we are proud to be rated 4.8 stars out of 5 of independent Google reviews from students around the world.

Keep in mind that we stand out as the exclusive experts in Puerto Vallarta when it comes to providing Spanish classes for foreigners. Our specialization is a testament to the quality of our services — what we undertake, we excel at. With 24 years of experience and over 8200 students served, our track record speaks for itself.

Other schools provide Spanish courses. We offer experiences!

We provide various alternatives to accommodate your requirements:







Our courses can be taken for periods of time different than those above, online or face to face. Please contact us for further information and don´t forget to read our general conditions on bookings & prices. Remember there is a US$50 inscription fee and US$7 monthly for class materials. Special offers & discounts apply. All taxes included.

If you also need a place to stay, you can do so in one of our kind and friendly host families or in a hotel. We can offer you a good price from a hostel in the city center to a five-star all-inclusive luxury hotel. Contact us for more details.


  • The only specialists in teaching Spanish in Puerto Vallarta & Nuevo Vallarta
  • 24 years of experience
  • +82000 happy students. Check out their reviews here
  • Qualified teachers and members of staff on payroll
  • Small group size. We guarantee quality education
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