The Spanish school for foreign students leader in Murcia Region

We are the only specialists in teaching Spanish to foreigners in Murcia, with more than 20 years of experience.
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Instituto Hispanico de Murcia - Nosotros

Our history

Since our CEO, Felipe Espada, started this project in August 1999 and after receiving our first student a few months later, on January 8th – his dad’s birthday -, we have welcomed more than 8000 people from all over the world.

We will always remember our first student, Wendy Leavesly, from Australia, and all the efforts and hopes the entire team put into this project to make it real… and better every day.

Our impact

Why study with us? All Spanish schools offer something obvious: high-quality courses, the best experienced teachers, the best social activity programs ever, and the opportunity to enjoy life as Spanish people do…

And so we do, but we add three magical ingredients: experience, fun, and an OUTSTANDING team.

And because we are specialists in what we do, we do it well!

Meet IHM super team

Team - Felipe Espada

Felipe Espada Aznar


Team - Esther Ato

Esther Ato Baño

Super receptionist

Team- Miriam Gonzalez

Miriam González

Super teacher

Team - Javier Vidal

Javier Vidal Soler

Super teacher

Team - Belen Urrea

Belén Urrea Carbonell

Super teacher

Team - Carol Daniels

Carol Daniels

Super teacher

Team - Carmen Hernandez

Carmen Hernández

Super CEO assistant

Instituto Hispánico de Murcia-Nosotros-Fatima Polo

Fatima Maria Shamssiantorfeh

Super marketing assistant

Serena Kengue

Serena Kengue

Super marketing assistant

Team - Patxi Insausti

Patxi Insausti

Interior designer

Team - Paco Sierra

Paco Sierra

Taxi services

Team - Cecilia Fernandez

Cecilia Fernández

Cleaning services

Team - Emilio Tarraga

Emilio Tárraga

Web designer & developer

Team- Teresa Sanchez

Teresa Sánchez Marín

Administration & payroll

Team - Jesus Perez

Jesús Pérez

Legal Dept.

Team - Meg Leite

Meg Leite


Team - Ernesto Bertelt

Ernesto Bartelt

Feng Shui adviser

Instituto Hispánico de Murcia - Equipo - Danial Zaman

Danial Zaman

Super marketing assistant

Team - Julia Myslowska

Julia Myslowska

Super marketing assistant

Video presentation

Instituto Hispanico de Murcia - Equipo - Video
Play Video about Instituto Hispanico de Murcia - Equipo - Video

Our global reach

We also cooperate with more than 250 agencies, international companies, universities and schools from all over the world. We are Spanish language travel leaders, we keep growing and being successful.

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Our growth, progress & evolution

We welcomed 68 students in the first year, more than 800 in 2019 and, despite 2020’s pandemic, we managed to keep our school open working and developing promotional and communication strategies.

Our mission

The majority of businesses write down their mission statement, put it in a golden frame and hang it in their offices. We concentrate all our efforts on what we can be, not on what we want to be.

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I am the conductor of an EXCELLENT team of professionals and I am lucky enough to enjoy what I do. I have a degree in Philology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics, experience as a teacher of Spanish Language and Spanish American Literature, I have been an examiner for the universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and I have studied business management and administration.

I enjoy photography, drumming, jazz, I cook Indian and Mexican food, I love being with my wife and my dogs Clayton and Emo, and I am a friend to my friends. About me, only one of these facts is false. Guess which one:

I have visited more than 25 countries, been an Erasmus student, lived abroad for 6 years, walked 800 km from France to Galicia, suffered an earthquake of 7.8 in Japan, I have travelled with a backpack on a train for a month in Europe, I have been the only non-Chinese cook in a Chinese restaurant, I have studied 8 languages, I dance flamenco, – they say I’m good at it -, I have done commercial dubbing, I have worked as security in a nightclub for 2 years, I am a brown belt in karate, I was arrested in Dublin when I was mistaken for a member of the IRA, I have dived 40 metres into sunken ships, and I don’t like dubbed films.

Hello, my name is Esther. I am friendly girl, I love animals and nature, I am a friend of my friends, I give everything I have and I will help you as much as I can.

I did my high school studies and I have done several courses related to administration and typing. Since 2014, I have been the receptionist at the Instituto Hispánico de Murcia, and with my best smile I will help you in whatever you need and advise you in choosing the best Spanish course.

I am a person who likes to learn about everything, I love cooking, especially baking which is my weakness; I have been a waitress for a long time, and I like dealing with customers, I love making coffee and drinking it of course, I like movies, although not scary movies; I am passionate about dancing; I like physiotherapy, swimming, walking in the mountains, going out to dinner with friends, traveling is another of my passions and I hope to visit a new country every year and learn the language and their cultures.

I am passionate about animals, I believe there is no love as pure and unconditional as theirs.


My name is Miriam and I am a Spanish Language and Literature teacher. In addition, I have a master’s degree in Primary Education and in Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language. I have more than 1000 hours of ELE experience. Day by day I keep improving and learning in my job.

I am passionate about teaching my language and culture.

Within the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, I love the intercultural factor, because while I teach, I also learn from the culture of my students.

Let’s learn together!

Hello! My name is Javi and I am one of the teachers at the Instituto Hispánico in Murcia. To say that teaching your own language is an arduous task would be an understatement but seeing how your effort is reflected in the students makes it all worth it. Thanks to my job I meet people from all over the world, I learn and, of course, I have made many friends. If you are in class with me, don’t forget to ask me about movies, video games, literature, grammar or an idiom.

I work as a Spanish teacher since 2010, I have a degree in Hispanic Philology, I have a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, I am an official examiner for the Cervantes Institute for the three levels and I am also a tutor of the AVE (virtual classroom of Spanish) of the Cervantes Institute


My name is Belén, I am a Spanish and English teacher and during my career I have worked in different teaching contexts with students from all over the world. In addition, I have a Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and I am an official examiner for the DELE and SIELE by the Instituto Cervantes. My main objective in my classes is to transmit to my students the passion and knowledge of my mother tongue and culture. Although, without a doubt, the most valuable thing for me is to work in multicultural environments where we can all contribute, improve and learn together. I look forward to seeing you!

Hello, my name is Carol. I am English and I have been working here since 2008. I am an English teacher for companies and I love my job.

I have a motorhome which I use to travel around the world with my son Jay.

What I like most about my job is the variety of groups that I deal with each week and the specific needs of each group.

Hello! My name is Carmen and I am a girl who is always smiling and in a good mood.

I studied economics, I’ve been playing handball for more than 12 years and apart from this, I like to spend my free time with my friends, cook, read, draw, play the guitar, learn languages and travel. I have already visited 16 countries and last year I spent a four-month period in Russia, where I fell in love with that country.

I have been working at Instituto Hispánico since 2007 and I am delighted to meet so many students and to work here. I am in charge of school groups and I help my colleagues in the organization of the courses.

Hello, my name is Fatima. I study languages for teaching and translation in Rome. I’m Spanish but I live in Italy since I was a toddler, as I like to say “I’m from Italian breeding”.

I like to travel, but have no money, reading books which I consider a mental journey, listening to music, cooking (better call it culinary experimentation) and fitboxe.

My mother is Spanish, my father is Iranian, at home we use Italian as lingua franca.

Being the daughter of migrant parents, in my opinion, opens your mid because you learn the culture from where you grow and at the same time your parents teach you their traditions and culture.

I really love animals, I live with a blind cat that reminds my every day not to give up, no matter how big and difficult the challenge is.

I’ve done all kinds of jobs: waiter at a bar, saleswoman in a sport shop and examiner.

Here at Instituto Hispánico de Murcia I will help you.

My name is Serena, I live in France and I’m a student of foreign languages, specifically English and Spanish in my major. I also study a lot about Spanish (and Latin American) civilization, so I’m a fan of Spanish culture. I also have some knowledge of Chinese. I decided to come to Spain to do an internship to improve my Spanish level and acquire professional skills. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and I dream of traveling around the world one day to learn several foreign languages and different cultures.

Hello :)

I have lived many years in Bilbao until I met Murcia and decided to stay in this wonderful land. I have been working at the Instituto Hispánico de Murcia since 2000, when this was just a project.

I am an interior decorator and responsible for arranging everything in the school.

My name is Francisco Sierra.

I have been working for Instituto Hispánico de Murcia since 2010, I have many years of experience and many people I have met in the services I do for them.

I am in charge of picking up and taking  students to the airport and to all kinds of places they want.

Hello, I am Cecilia.

I came from my country many years ago and I found the doors of the Instituto Hispánico de Murcia open for me.

I am responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the school. I have been working here since 2006 and the whole team is wonderful.

I meet students from all over the world who always bring a smile.

Hello, friends. I’m a programmer and creative director, responsible for graphic marketing and signage at Instituto Hispánico since 2001.

I studied at the Polytechnic University of Valencia a master’s degree in design, management and development of new products.

I am a hard worker, meticulous and professional, I always want the work to be well done.

Hello! I have been working at the Instituto Hispánico since 2000 and I am in charge of the Institute’s labour department. My duties are to maintain close contact with the trade unions, to represent the company before the Ministry of Labour and supervisory bodies, to negotiate wage increases and working conditions, and to negotiate possible labour disputes, as well as mediating in court.

My name is Jesús and I have been one of the lawyers at Instituto Hispánico since 2000.

I have a degree in Law from the University of Seville, and I specialise in Public Law.

I have been giving courses on spiritual growth for 30 years, which includes self-knowledge, knowing how to relate to our emotions, living from joy,… It gives me great satisfaction to give classes to children, teenagers and adults, in the proposal to be happy in everyday life. I organise pilgrimage trips to mystical places, where my students grow and apply what they learn. I do 3 retreats a year in different places in Mexico.

I love travelling, teaching, cycling up mountains and seeing exotic places, going to the cinema and talking.

I am in the Insti, by conviction as the fairy godmother of esoteric gifts and abundance. Besides that I have a close and familiar relationship with Feli and Lore…

My name is Ernesto Bartelt.

I work as a Feng Shui consultant at the Instituto Hispánico since 2005.

I have a very long history in the world of meditation and other arts related to metaphysics.

I am delighted to meet all kinds of students and to be able to work with them


My name is Dan and I am from the United Kingdom. I am 21 years old and I study Politics and Spanish in England. As part of my course, I decided to do an internship in Spain to improve my language skills and gain work experience. My passions are sports and travelling. I really enjoy Spanish culture, especially the food and the weather. Both are a huge improvement over what is on offer in the UK! I am looking forward to seeing what Murcia has to offer, to explore the region and hopefully improve my language skills.

Best regards!


My name is Julia and I am from Poland. I am 25 years old. I studied administration and Spanish philology. After finishing my Spanish studies, I decided to expand my knowledge of this language and live here for a while. I think this way is the best way to learn, and at the same time get to know the culture of the country, meet new people and see the beautiful sights of which Spain has many. I am an open and optimistic person. I love meeting new people, but what I like the most is to spend time with my family, which includes two wonderful dogs. I also like nature very much, so I have a lot of plants that I take care of. Spain is a beautiful country. Because of the great variety everyone will find something for themselves. Incredible views, delicious food and wonderful people confirm my belief that the this trip was a good idea. 

Best regards!