Most companies frame their mission statements in gold frames and hang them in reception or offices.

We at Instituto Hispanico concentrate all our efforts on what we can be not on what we want to be. This aim is simpler, more practical and more productive.

Since the year 2000, we have been working hard in order to make people happy, always doing things well and at the same time making sure that our team members understand this mission and feel part of it. That is why we are leaders in teaching Spanish to foreigners in Murcia!

Being a company of the 21st century, we are very happy to invest in diversity, so our staff is of different age, sex, nationality and culture.

Our aims at the service of society are:

  • The dissemination, valorisation and transfer of knowledge at the service of culture, quality of life and the economic development of the city of Murcia.
  • The dissemination of the Spanish language and culture through teaching international students, placing Murcia on the world map for learning Spanish as a foreign language.

We want to offer a real commitment to academic excellence and to our services quality.

We want to teach high-quality language courses in Murcia and develop training and leisure activities that respond to our students’ interest in the Spanish language and culture.

We work to be a model of management and communication, with professional personnel ready to carry out their tasks and with a permanent willingness to improve.

And for all this, we strive to be leaders in the language travel field in the Mediterranean coast.


Open attitude to change from educational innovation.

Professional ethics, honesty and respect for people. Tolerance for diversity of opinions, cultures and world views.

Commitment to the public service that we offer.

Leadership, initiative and professionalism in the development of activities and quick problem solving.

Interaction of the different departments of the school to develop a common culture.

Go beyond student expectations. Go the extra mile!

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