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Welcome to the A1 Spanish course in Murcia! If you are looking to learn Spanish from scratch or improve your basic skills, this course is perfect for you. At our school we focus on providing a high quality learning experience, with a communicative and practical methodology that will allow you to acquire the necessary language skills to communicate in Spanish.

The A1 level of Spanish is the initial level, designed for those students who have no previous knowledge of Spanish or who have basic language skills. At this level, we work on developing the basic language skills to communicate in everyday situations and cover topics such as introducing yourself, greetings, asking for information, talking about your tastes and interests, among others.

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Spanish course level A1

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What does this Spanish course consist of?

In our A1 Spanish course in Murcia we offer you an intensive learning experience focused on the development of the 4 Spanish language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. With the help of our highly trained and experienced teachers, you will acquire practical and useful language skills that will allow you to communicate in Spanish with confidence and fluency.

Our teaching methodology emphasises communication, which means that you will focus on learning to speak and understand Spanish from day one. We use authentic materials and resources to ensure that you are exposed to real, contextualised situations, allowing you to practise grammar and vocabulary in a natural and effective way.

The course content is divided into different modules which will enable you to acquire the language skills necessary to reach A1 level Spanish. We will work on Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation. In addition, we use interactive activities to develop your listening and reading comprehension skills, as well as to improve your oral and written expression.

In our A1 Spanish course in Murcia you will not only acquire language abilities, but also social and cultural proficiency that will enable you to adapt to life in Spain.

Courses are taught in 4-hour sessions (1 session = 50 minutes), Monday to Friday, allowing you to learn Spanish while also working or studying.

Finally, the price of our A1 Spanish course is highly competitive compared to other Spanish language schools. We believe that learning a new language should not be unaffordable, and we aim to offer a quality education at a reasonable price.

The communicative and practical methodology used in our A1 Spanish course is highly effective in helping you develop your language skills. It focuses on oral and written communication in everyday situations, which will help you feel more confident and assured when speaking Spanish.

Our teachers use a variety of teaching techniques and resources, including role-plays, group discussions, listening and reading exercises, and writing practice. Up-to-date and relevant teaching materials are also used to keep students motivated and interested in learning.

By the time you have completed A1 level Spanish, you will have acquired the language skills necessary to communicate in everyday situations:

  • You will be able to introduce yourself and others, ask questions about personal information and answer similar questions about other people.
  • You will also be able to communicate in simple, everyday situations, such as asking for directions, prices and public transport timetables, making basic purchases in a shop or market, ordering food and drink in a restaurant, and describing your family and hobbies.
  • You will be able to understand and use simple, everyday phrases to describe your environment, your needs and your feelings.
  • You will be able to communicate in everyday situations with a basic level of fluency.


Taking this A1 level Spanish course has many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • You will learn Spanish in a friendly environment: at Instituto Hispánico de Murcia we focus on creating a friendly environment for our students, which will allow you to feel comfortable and motivated to learn.
  • You will acquire practical language skills: our teaching methodology focuses on communication, which will enable you to acquire practical language skills useful for communicating in everyday situations.
  • Improve your pronunciation and intonation: our highly trained teachers will give you the guidance and support you need to improve your pronunciation and intonation, enabling you to speak Spanish fluently and confidently.
  • You will develop social and cultural skills that will help you in the process of learning the Spanish language.

Also, the course focuses on basic grammar, vocabulary and common expressions in Spanish. You will have the opportunity to develop your language skills in real, practical situations, such as shopping at the market, asking for directions, introducing yourself and talking about your tastes and preferences.

How can I progress to the next level?

Learning a new language can seem overwhelming, especially if you start from A1 level. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you progress quickly and easily to the next A2 level:

  • The first thing is to keep taking classes with our teachers and be provided with appropriate materials for further study.
  • Then, speaking practice is another crucial factor in progressing to the next level. It is often useful to find a Spanish classmate or join an online conversation club where you can practice speaking with native Spanish speakers. This will help you become more comfortable with the language and increase your confidence in speaking.
  • And finally, don’t forget to have fun while you learn! Find activities that you enjoy, such as watching films or listening to music in Spanish. This will help keep you motivated and interested in continuing your Spanish lessons at our school.

If you are looking for a comprehensive approach to improving your Spanish, then Instituto Hispánico de Murcia is the perfect tool for you. You will be able to move from A1 to the next level A2 in no time.

Join our course and start your journey to fluency in Spanish today!

FAQ Spanish course Level A1

The Spanish Level A1 course at the Instituto Hispánico de Murcia focuses on the basic concepts of the Spanish language, such as grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

For the Spanish Level A1 course at Instituto Hispánico de Murcia, it is recommended to bring a notebook, a pen, a Spanish dictionary, and… a lot of motivation.

The Spanish programme at Level A1 at Instituto Hispánico de Murcia supports students in acquiring fundamental language skills, addressing aspects such as active listening, reading, writing, and participation in conversations.

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