Host family accommodation

Living with a Spanish family has many advantages!

It gives you the possibility to practice Spanish all day long and thus to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation; in no time you will be picking up common expressions and idiomatic phrases and you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with the independence of having your own key.

We can provide their criminal record & sexual harassment certificate.

Most of them are located in the city centre, maximum 25 minutes walk away from our school.

You can choose half board or full board.

Single or twin rooms are also available.

Single room half board€30
Single room full board€35
Twin room half board€27
Twin room full board€32
Please remember there is a €25 accommodation fee. All taxes included.

Students' accommodation

Would you like to share an apartment with other students?

It is very important to be cautious when booking your room as there have been many internet scams, fake profiles, fake groups, and unscrupulous people taking advantage of foreign students during the last few years.

Most of our flats are located in the city centre, maximum 25 minutes walk away from our school.

Single and twin rooms are available.

We offer girls only or boys only apartments, mixed or for couples. Pet friendly apartments are available.

Contact us to check availability.

Management fees€75
Average room price per month + expenses€220

All taxes included.

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