7 Wonderful views of the region of Murcia

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Instituto Hispánico de Murcia - 7 Wonderful views of the region of Murcia

The Murcia region is located in the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain, a country that arouses the interest of tourists especially for its gastronomy, culture, entertainment and leisure.

Although the landscape of southern Spain, with little rainfall during the year and a dry climate, contrasts with the landscape of the north, where it is common to encounter green scenarios due to frequent rainfall, our geographical location offers a wide range of attractive locations. which we will call wonderful corners.

Factors to keep in mind to combine these landscapes with the best possible tourist experience can be, for example, the view of a sunset or sunrise, taking advantage of some places where we can make use of the shade, water and scenarios offered from the city of Murcia.

Rivers are a fundamental resource that allow us to enjoy nature by taking advantage of the weather to defeat the heat, given that this region is characterized by very hot summers with extreme temperatures that reach almost 45-50 degrees centigrade, giving rise to situations where no it is advisable to leave the house unless it is out of necessity or you go to an aquatic area where it is possible to remedy it.

Wonderful places in the Region of Murcia

As for the historical heritage of the area, you can visit ancient paintings both in the Plateau area and in the north-east of the Region of Murcia, where we find many wonderful areas.

In the coastal area is the Mar Menor, which forms the area of ​​La Manga, an area that separates the Mar Menor from the Mediterranean Sea. Furthermore, the Murcia region is rich in historic cities, with castles, palaces, coves and archaeological sites with the advantage that they are located in close and accessible areas for those who have a vehicle.

In summary, the Murcia region offers culture, heritage, history, virgin beaches, canyons, river forests, caves and unique landscapes, delving into both adventurous and more relaxing contexts, characterized by unforgettable excursions with many unusual views that we will show later in this article, but not without mentioning the image that is at the top of the aforementioned (Salto del Usero), which consists of a succession of pools dug along the river Mula with a waterfall that is not very high, but very photogenic.

In our Spanish courses you can discover much more about the hidden gems of our Murcia region.


Clays of Bolnuevo, Mazarrón, Murcia

Erosion is the protagonist in this natural corner near the Port of Mazarron located on the coast of the region. On the ground we see blocks of sandstone that have been sculpted by the wind with a rather sophisticated result, so much so that it is called the enchanted city.


Monte Arabí, Yecla, Murcia

In this case, erosion gives rise to another distinct form, which however follows the same interest, which is none other than delighting us with a spectacular landscape, in this case above the rock, forming what we call caves. Some are unique like that of Mediodia, whose name is due to the fact that when the shadow reaches the top it is noon. It is located in Yecla, in the north of the Murcia region.


Saltworks of San Pedro, Murcia

It is a protected space in the area. In 1985 it was considered a protected nature reserve and a few years later, in 1992, it was called the Regional Park. Located in a coastal area, inside we find a port and salt pans. It is a place of great tourist interest, especially in summer, with more than 8 km of beaches located in the Mediterranean and in the Menor Sea.


Calblanque, Murcia. Amazing beaches

Beaches and Natural Park are the words that define this place. It is smaller than other places of its own nature. We find many geological and material structures giving rise to fossil dunes, cliffs or limestone or metamorphic rocks. It has a favorable climate that makes it possible for tourists to visit throughout the year. This area has an average environmental impact, therefore, if you are interested in visiting an area that preserves its naturalness, this is the place for you.


Sources of the Marquis, Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia

In the north-east of the region of Murcia, more precisely in Caravaca de la Cruz, the holy city, there is a protected natural place where numerous sources take place, as well as all the vegetative biodiversity that we can encounter. It is the ideal place to go both on Sunday afternoon to walk with the family, and during the week to play sports, taking advantage of the advantages offered by a well-kept natural environment.

You can see the Tower of the Templars, the Islamic site of El Copo or the man-made caves of the Marquis. These are rock-cut caves from the Muslim era with remains of canals and other constructions.


Sierra Espuña mountain, Murcia

Within the Segura River Basin, it is one of the most touristic places in the area, with a natural environment where numerous activities are carried out. It was catalogued as Regional Park in 1917, besides being later declared Natural Site of National Interest and Natural Park. You can witness both basins and ravines, giving in some of them a striking desert landscape to the viewer.


Salto del Usero, Bullas, Murcia

It is located in the municipality of Bullas and is a natural place where erosive processes can be observed. This erosion has originated a vault, creating a waterfall of 3-4 meters high and forming a fairly deep bathtub constantly filled with water, much used by tourists to jump and creating a truly spectacular scenery.

What are you waiting for to come to Murcia and get to know these wonderful places?

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