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Having been given the opportunity to be in work practice in Spain for 3 weeks has been amazing. I have met so many inspirational and kind persons, and I am truly grateful for everything I have experienced.

Spain is a country I have never been to, and I am so happy I got to travel there because I will definitely travel back sometime very soon. I love how the country is, the culture, how the people are and just see how different it is between Spain and Norway. I really liked the heat and the climate in Spain, and it is just a big difference from Norway that I really liked.

Especially in Murcia, which was a fantastic place and went above and beyond all of my expectations, and for being in Spain for the first time, I had a wonderful time and I am so happy for everything I experienced. I was so lucky to stay at a great hotel that were located near everything, and I felt very safe there. The food in Murcia were very good, and that people have a “siesta” was very abnormal for me, but it is a part of the culture and I thought it was very interesting to join and experience.

I was at Instituto Hispánico De Murcia on my work practice. I was very nervous the first day I got there and I was also a bit shy. But the people there were so nice and accommodating, so it was nothing to be scared of. Even though I only were there for 3 weeks, it felt like I had known them for a long time. They were some of the greatest people I have met, so accommodating, so kind, so positive, and if it was any problem they could fix it. And I am so grateful for all of the people that worked there.

I got to have Spanish courses there, with an amazing teacher that were so nice and learned me more Spanish than I could. I am really grateful for having her as my Spanish teacher, she spread so much happiness and positivity, cared about us, were so kind and helpful. I also got to participate in a lot of different social and cultural activities, which I learned a lot of things of from. It was very interesting to visit different places, taste local food and have some competitions.

It is now about 4 weeks since I left Murcia, and I miss it a lot. I miss all the people, the food, the culture and just walking around in such beautiful surroundings. This has been a unique experience that I really appreciate I have been able to experience.

I will remember this for the rest of my life and forever be grateful for the opportunity I got. And I will definitely come back to Murcia sometime.

Instituto Hispánico de Murcia | Spanish Courses in Spain

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