The Spanish school for foreign students leader in Murcia Region

We are the only specialists in teaching Spanish to foreigners in Murcia, with more than 20 years of experience.

Our history

Since our CEO, Felipe Espada, started this project in August 1999 and after receiving our first student a few months later, on January 8th - his dad's birthday -, we have welcomed more than 8000 people from all over the world.

We will always remember our first student, Wendy Leavesly, from Australia, and all the efforts and hopes the entire team put into this project to make it real... and better every day.

Our impact

Why study with us? All Spanish schools offer something obvious: high-quality courses, the best experienced teachers, the best social activity programs ever, and the opportunity to enjoy life as Spanish people do…

And so we do, but we add three magical ingredients: experience, fun, and an OUTSTANDING team.

And because we are specialists in what we do, we do it well!

Meet IHM super team

Felipe Espada Aznar
Felipe Espada AznarCEO
Esther Ato Baño
Esther Ato BañoSuper receptionist
Miriam González Domenech
Miriam González DomenechSuper teacher
Javier Vidal Soler
Javier Vidal SolerSuper teacher and academic coordinator
Belén Urrea Carbonell
Belén Urrea CarbonellSuper teacher
Carol Daniels
Carol DanielsSuper teacher
Carmen Hernández Hidalgo
Carmen Hernández HidalgoSuper CEO assistant
Emilia Nuszczyk
Emilia NuszczykSuper marketing assistant
Bohdan Prannyčuk
Bohdan PrannyčukSuper marketing assistant
Marie Vlčková
Marie VlčkováSuper marketing assistant
Hajk Kočaryan
Hajk KočaryanSuper marketing assistant
Matteo Mengoni
Matteo MengoniSuper marketing assistant
Julia Myslowska
Julia MyslowskaSuper marketing assistant
Patxi Insausti
Patxi InsaustiInterior designer
Teresa Sánchez Marín
Teresa Sánchez Marín Administration & payroll
Emilio Tárraga
Emilio TárragaWeb designer & developer
Meg Leite
Meg LeiteCounsellor
Ernesto Bartelt
Ernesto BarteltFeng Shui adviser
Cecilia Fernández
Cecilia FernándezCleaning services
Paco Sierra
Paco SierraTaxi services
Jesús Pérez
Jesús PérezLegal Dept.

Video presentation

Our global reach

We also cooperate with more than 250 agencies, international companies, universities and schools from all over the world. We are Spanish language travel leaders, we keep growing and being successful.


Our growth, progress & evolution

We welcomed 68 students in the first year, more than 800 in 2019 and, despite 2020's pandemic, we managed to keep our school open working and developing promotional and communication strategies.

Our mission

The majority of businesses write down their mission statement, put it in a golden frame and hang it in their offices. We concentrate all our efforts on what we can be, not on what we want to be.


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