10 YouTube channels where you can learn Spanish

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Instituto Hispánico de Murcia - 10 YouTube channels where you can learn Spanish

This language is already spoken by more than 400 million people on five continents, and everyone knows that there are endless resources on the Internet to learn English, because it is the language par excellence at the global level, without a doubt the most widespread.

However, Spanish is not far behind in this area.

Those interested in learning the second most spoken language in the world can use YouTube as a tool. This platform is one of the most widely used information and communication technologies (ICT).

However, it would be necessary to supplement the use of the application with other resources and some lessons, either face-to-face or online, which would allow the teacher to accompany the student in his learning process.

There are several reasons to want to learn Spanish this way, because access is free, easy to access, and YouTube is probably one of the best language learning platforms for self-taught students, not to mention that it is very visual and adapts to all types of people, from children up to adults.

What is the best way to learn Spanish on Youtube?

Watching videos and independent learning can be a fun way to learn. Therefore, we realize that the best way to learn Spanish with YouTube is to supplement it with other tools and resources to improve its limitations, which can be personal and telematic.

Tips for learning Spanish on YouTube

YouTube channels to learn Spanish

If you have decided that you want to learn Spanish with videos, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your learning.

First, be patient and choose the channel and videos that best suit your needs. Most of them are divided by level and topic, so it’s good to know your starting level, the topics you want to consolidate and how far you want to go.

Set a few hours a day to dedicate yourself to. You can split into levels and go through them one by one, watching the props multiple times if needed.

If you are not very familiar with the language, Spanish videos with subtitles in your language or in Spanish to help you follow the interpretation are a good choice.

In addition, you should reinforce the videos with practical exercises. You should take every opportunity to practice the language, whether online or in person, with friends or on the street.

It is also good to practice the language and rely on movies, series, books and newspapers. Reading and writing will help you improve your knowledge of written language. Notice the words you see in the videos and try to use them in your daily life.

In addition to watching videos about language, videos about culture and customs will give you practical information about using the language and how to communicate in a Spanish-speaking country.

Is it possible to learn Spanish on Youtube?

Of course it is possible! If you are willing to learn and use the right channels, you will improve your level of Spanish so that you can communicate more fluently.

The biggest advantage of learning Spanish on these channels is that you can learn whenever and wherever you want and you can pick up where you left off. The downside is that you need a lot of motivation and persistence to learn.

List of Youtube channels for learning Spanish

1. Butterfly Spanish

The owner of Ana’s channel, which has over a million subscribers, offers videos for all levels and covers all aspects of teaching: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. It has a large number of interesting videos.

This channel has videos with explanations in English and can be especially useful for English speaking beginners. It also explains the differences between Spanish used in Spain and Latin America.

2. Learn Spanish with Spanishpod101

This is a professional channel that focuses on teaching speaking, listening, reading and writing Spanish in a fun way.

It presents short videos with phrases and expressions or vocabulary with specific topics such as holidays, food, etc. although it does not insist so much on grammar.

It is very useful for beginners and intermediate learners. Contains explanations in English and a section for Mexican Spanish.

3. Tu escuela de español

It is characterized by the fact that all information is in Spanish, although English subtitles are available.

It is enriched with a website that gives access to many exercises and offers the possibility of learning Spanish through the Skype platform, which covers all levels. It is very well organized by levels and subjects.

Learn Spanish on Youtube

4. Easy Spanish

This is a channel for learning Spanish based on interviews with native speakers, allowing you to experience the naturalness of Spanish. You can watch conversations and learn the Spanish of Spain and Latin America.

Juan is a moderator and his videos are very entertaining.

5. Practiquemos

Catalina Moreno is a Colombian with a very personal and entertaining way of presenting her content and teaching. In her channel we can find grammar, pronunciation, accentuation rules, typical mistakes, etc.

The videos are always in Spanish, although subtitles can be used. In addition, many completely free exercises are available on his website.

6. Español con Juan

Juan is a Spaniard living in London and his videos focus on storytelling and games to help you learn the language with a bit of grammar. These videos are longer than the previous ones and are designed to help you move from intermediate to advanced.

In addition to YouTube, this author has other platforms with which he enriches his teaching.

It has approximately 230,000 subscribers and presents highly original videos that capture the attention of viewers.

7. Spanish with Vicente

There are videos where you can learn grammar, vocabulary, Spanish culture, etc.

All the videos on the channel are designed so that students can learn Spanish in the most fun way possible on YouTube without forgetting important aspects such as grammar, vocabulary or everyday expressions.

8. Usa tu español

This channel’s methodology for teaching Spanish consists of everyday life situations with songs, stories and conversations, and does not start with, for example, grammar. It’s a different method, but it might be suitable for what you’re looking for.

9. Tío Spanish

It is a channel with great originality and a unique personality that covers all levels and focuses on grammar videos, vocabulary, idioms, pronunciation and aspects of Spanish culture and traditions.

The explanations are always in Spanish and it’s a highly recommended channel if you’re looking for something different and fun.

10. El blog para aprender español

Unlike the first video, all the videos here are Spanish, from Spain. Vocabulary, grammar and listening videos are available to practice listening comprehension. He also has a very interesting blog with many activities that complement language learning.

As the number of pages decreases, the difference becomes more and more pronounced. There is a significant difference between the top and bottom of the table.

Immersing yourself in Spanish on YouTube is great, but it can’t replace learning from and interacting with real native speakers.

If you want to continue learning, order one of our Spanish courses and finally become fluent in Spanish!

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