The Day of the Region of Murcia

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Instituto Hispánico de Murcia - The Day of the Region of Murcia

This day celebrates the creation of the Autonomous Region of Murcia.

This holiday is an important occasion for Murcians to reflect on their identity, history, and achievements, as well as to give importance to their unique and diverse culture.

So, thanks to this day, Murcians can honor all that makes their region special

When is it celebrated?

The Day of the Region of Murcia is celebrated on the 9th of June every year. This date commemorates the signing of the Statute of Autonomy of the Region of Murcia in 1982

It is a public holiday throughout the region, with events and activities organized in different cities and municipalities so that Murcians can stop thinking about their work and enjoy the day.

9 junio

The political autonomy given to the Region of Murcia recognizes and respects its unique regional identity, as well as its history, culture, and traditions.

In fact, it is a festivity that involves the whole Murcian community, from residents to regional authorities and representatives of social and cultural organizations.

The events and activities are for everyone, which encourages participation and a sense of belonging to the community.

The flag of the region

The flag of the Region of Murcia is a deep red rectangular flag with a distinctive design reflecting historical and cultural elements of the region.

In the upper left corner, there are four crenellated castles in gold, distributed in two pairs. These castles represent the strength and defense of the region throughout its history.

In fact, their presence on the flag evokes the image of fortifications guarding the boundaries of the ancient kingdom, protecting its territory from possible invasion, and ensuring its security.

In the lower right corner, there are seven royal crowns arranged in four rows, with one, three, two and one crown respectively. These crowns symbolize the royal status and historical importance of the region of Murcia.

The combination of castles and crowns on the flag highlights the rich history of the region, from its defensive fortifications to its connection with royalty and the monarchy. It is an emblem that evokes the cultural heritage and unique identity of the Region of Murcia.

Awards and recognitions

One of the most emblematic events celebrated during the Day of the Region in Murcia is the presentation of the “Siete Coronas” Awards with an official ceremony that takes place in the Romea Theatre.

These awards, organized by the Regional Government of Murcia, recognize, and pay tribute to outstanding individuals, institutions, and organizations for their contribution to the development and promotion of the region in different fields (culture, sport, environment, innovation, entrepreneurship, and social commitment).

Another important event is the official institutional act to commemorate the Region’s Day always organized by the Regional Government with speeches and presentation of activities highlighting the region’s achievements.

In Murcia, an outstanding civic and military parade is organized through the main streets of the historic center, with the participation of the armed forces, security forces, rescue groups, civil associations, and folklore groups.

In other municipalities in the region, such as Cartagena, Lorca and Molina de Segura, there are also parades with decorated floats, dance troupes and live music, as well as historical and cultural performances.

A curious fact has to do with the city of Caravaca de la Cruz, which is 50 kilometers from Murcia. Here, on 9 June, you can see parades in typical medieval costumes and representations of the city’s history.

What do people do?

Many Murcians go to the official events organized by the local authorities because it allows them to be connected to the community and share in the spirit of celebration.

You can also take advantage of this day to participate in cultural activities such as concerts, dance and theatre performances, art exhibitions and themed fairs.

And why not enjoy the delicious gastronomy of the region, it sounds better celebrating with a good meal with family or friends! Some people choose to go on hiking routes or excursions through the region’s natural areas, such as the Sierra Espuña Regional Park, the Ricote Valley, the Calblanque Natural Park or the Sierra de Carrascoy for two reasons: to be in union with nature and to disconnect from the daily routine.

Come to our school to study our Spanish courses and enjoy all these wonderful celebrations!

As you can see, this celebration highlights the diversity and richness of the region, while remembering the past, valuing the present and looking to the future with optimism and determination.

It is a day to celebrate together what makes the Region of Murcia unique and to renew the commitment to work for its wellbeing and continued progress.

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